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Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth Kit – Pittsburgh REIA

“Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth” by Lee Phillips

Death, Taxes, Lawsuits, Illness and Identity Theft – Get Ready To Protect Yourself, Your Business and Your Future.

APW kitIn Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth Supreme Court Counselor, Asset Protection Specialist, Estate Planning Attorney, National Speaker, and Renowned Author, Lee R. Phillips teaches you how to safe-guard your assets, keep more of what you earn, pass your wealth flawlessly to your heirs and develop a foolproof plan for your future!

The Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth
Personal and Business Planning Package and the Benefit Plans Retirement Savings System

Learn the Simple LEGAL Secrets Known Only To The Top Attorneys!

  • Even if you know NOTHING about Estate Planning or Asset Protection…
  • Even if you don’t have an advanced education…
  • Even if you’ve never heard of trusts, corporations, LLCs, or other legal stuff…
  • This is the Estate Planning and Asset Protection System you’ve been looking for!


From: The desk of Lee R. Phillips
Attorney, Author, Speaker

Dear Friend,

You’re about to discover the most powerful Do-It-Yourself Personal Protection system ever developed, the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System.

It uses strategies known only to the top Estate Planning and Asset Protection lawyers, now written in plain English so that anyone can understand.

My name is Lee R. Phillips and over the past 25 years, through a long process of meticulous research, personal experiences, and help from other professionals, I’ve developed a simple effective system for …

*Legally Shielding Your Assets,

*Keeping more of what you earn

*Protecting your identity,

*Passing your estate down to your heirs– without a lot of legal expenses.

These are the little-known personal protection techniques used by top attorneys.

If you would like to learn to create an asset protection plan for YOURSELF… without spending a bunch on an expensive attorney …. then this will be the most important system you will ever acquire.

I GUARANTEE THIS SYSTEM with a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. But you’re going to love it. I have literally tens of thousands of satisfied users of this course to prove it!


What makes The Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System so exciting is that it gives you the power to:

* Structure your Asset Protection Plan so YOU understand it *

Let me share a secret with you: The KEY to asset protection is understanding exactly what you are doing. The biggest mistake you can make is relying on someone to ‘take care of it’ for you. You need to understand exactly the trade-offs involved in each of the different techniques.

Yes, it is just as important for you to know the disadvantages for each move you make. The Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System doesn’t talk you into setting up some fancy legal structure. It just lays everything out – with pros and cons – and you decide what you want to do.

Be aware that there is NO ABSOLUTELY PERFECT PLAN for everybody.

If there were, then EVERYONE would be using that exact strategy! There are always trade-offs. Some structures have better liability protection, but cost a lot of your time and money to maintain. Others trade protection in favor of simplicity or tax advantages.

YOU need to understand the basic concepts and their advantages and risks so you can make the best decisions for YOURSELF.

Create your own Estate Plan, the way YOU want it!

A common misconception is that estate planning is only important for the wealthy or elderly. The truth is that EVERYONE can benefit from having an estate plan in place. In fact, you may not know this, but everyone already has a Default Estate Plan in place. It’s the State’s plan, and I’ll bet you really don’t want your estate planning decided by the State…

The problem is people who go to the attorney for their estate plan are more often than not surprised with the results they get. The attorney charges a fortune, the client doesn’t get what they want or need, and in the end the client has a mess (a mess that the lawyers charge handsomely to clean up).

The attorneys simply will not spend the time they need to with you to make sure every aspect of your plan is the way you want it (unless they’re your relative, or you’re prepared to pay them considerably)! They almost never teach you how to use the legal documents they charge you for.

The Bottom Line is…
This legal work is something you really need to know how to do for yourself. You at least need to educate yourself, even if you have your lawyers do the work.

In addition, once you fully understand your own plan (whether it is a new one you created using the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System or an old one), you will know what you need to do to keep it current. You’ll also know how to correctly place your assets in the future for maximum estate planning benefit and liability protection.

Now you can learn how to be in the country’s 1% elite that actually Gets It Right!

I have never met a wealthy person who didn’t have most of these tools already in place. Tools such as the Revocable Living Trust and Limited Partnerships have traditionally been used only by the wealthy, because they’re really expensive to set up properly.

Now with the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System you can enjoy all the tax savings, asset protection, and estate planning benefits previously reserved only for the rich.

Learn How to Use Lawyers, and Not Be USED BY LAWYERS

Stop getting raped by fat cat lawyers. You feel like you have no control over the process. I teach you how to either bypass the lawyers altogether or at least be a smart consumer when you deal with them. In fact, I teach you how to pick lawyers and bargain with them.

Learn to Spot the Pitfalls in Asset Protection and Estate Planning

Don’t get ripped off by crooked attorneys who write themselves into your family’s financial future. (Yes, there are some bad attorneys. The sad part is 95% of the lawyers give the other 5% a bad name.) You don’t want YOUR estate plan to become THEIR retirement plan. I’ll teach you what to watch out for so you get what is best for you.

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Your investment in the Updated Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System is TAX DEDUCTIBLE

* Sales tax of 6.85% applies to shipments to the state of Utah

All orders are shipped UPS within 2 business days!
Most orders should arrive within 5 to 7 business days.
Your BONUS downloadable e-book will be available by the next business day.

Why You Should Listen to Me?

There are plenty of people out there claiming to be experts. However, very few of the so-called “experts” practice what they preach or have the credentials and track record to back up their claims. Because you’re probably wondering how my system is different, here’s my story:

I’m Lee R. Phillips and I have been speaking on Living Revocable Trusts, limited partnerships, corporations, LLCs, and lots of other legal tools for many years and I’ve been practicing law for over 28 years now. But very early on in my career, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 3 weeks to live. After a long battle I finally beat the cancer. But I didn’t work for 2 years!

…and my medical bills were staggering…

Now remember, I was already an attorney and I still got taken to the cleaners by the legal system and various creditors.

I was furious about what the legal community was doing to people!

In fact, my wife Kristy was so frustrated from dealing with the legal and medical battles that she may have gone a little overboard: she went to law school and became an attorney also!

After seeing first-hand the effects of financial tragedies on my family, I have since dedicated my career to helping people do the simple legal paperwork that can make all the difference in the world when financial tragedies such as death, divorce, taxes, lawsuits and illness strike.

Asset Protection, Tax Planning, and Estate Planning strategies have been my life ever since. Besides writing several books on the subject, I now travel the country speaking to groups about how simple legal documents can wield enough legal power to protect you from the tragedies.

People pay thousands of dollars to attend my seminars throughout the country. I also have a successful law office that uses the exact same documents you’ll get in the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System.

How I Got Started Speaking on Asset Protection

Many years ago, I did a personal and business asset protection and tax plan for a very wealthy businessman/real estate investor/entrepreneur. You might know his name if I told you. I designed the basic foundation, and put some bells and whistles on it. His bill was a little over $10,000. He paid me and went away happy. A few weeks after I did all the legal work for him, he came back into my office.

He said, “Lee, setting up these legal documents is really important, isn’t it?”

I said, “Of course it is.”

He said, “People don’t use these legal documents.They don’t have the legal foundation you talk about, and that’s why they don’t get rich isn’t it?I mean it’s so important, that NOBODY should be without it…”

I nodded.

He said, “Lee, do you think you could give people the legal tools they need and teach them how to use the tools to make money and protect themselves?”

After some thought, I said, “Sure, I can do that.”

So, I started to write and then I started to speak.I have taught exclusive seminars in all but two states.I have taught over a half million people in live events how to protect their assets, make more money using the law, and set up their estate plans.

I have created and over the years refined an easy to use the Plain English” Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System so you can understand and use the tools rich people use.You don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to the lawyers and accountants to get the asset protection and tax breaks you deserve.

“But What Will I Learn From Your Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System?”

*You’ll be able to make an extra $10,000 or $20,000 this year and protect your assets if somebody tries to take them away from you.

*You can master what I call the “Tools of Wealth” and build a legal foundation to build your fortune on.

*You’ll learn about using powerful asset protection techniques, such as:

  • Creating and Maintaining LLC’s and Corporations
  • Using Family Limited Partnerships
  • Separating your assets into different “legal pockets”

You’ll learn how to use the powerful fundamental documents of estate planning such as:

  • Revocable Living Trusts
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • Testamentary Wills / Pour-Over Wills
  • and many other powerful legal tools

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Slash or eliminate estate taxes
  • Protect your home from lawsuits
  • Avoid probate
  • Save on income taxes
  • Avoid legal battles
  • Use lawyers, and not be used by lawyers
  • And implement many other strategies that will literally give you thousands extra!

Over 25 Years of Study, Research and Fine-Tuning

I’ve spent most of my legal career studying asset protection, estate planning, and tax planning strategies. Ever since my battle with cancer, I wanted to know everything there was about protecting myself and others from the tragedies that will take you down including Death, Divorce, Taxes, Lawsuits, Identity Theft and Accident/Illness.

I have created a system of documents for my office that has protected hundreds of the wealthier people in my own area. My clients pay from $5,000 to $10,000 or more to set up this type of protection. In your home town, a large law firm could charge more than that and it would still be a good deal.

Now you can have this same knowledge and protection
for a fraction of the cost:

Introducing the NEW…
Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System:
A Complete System for Creating Your Own Asset Protection

I’m pleased to offer the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System (APW) with all the important information ready for you, so you can make the right decisions to protect your wealth.

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn from the APW System:


  • What probate is, how long might it last, and how much it could cost you. Common ways people try to avoid probate, and why most of them are just BAD IDEAS!
  • How to avoid probate the CORRECT WAY!
  • When to actually use probate to your advantage (but only if you decide to).

Joint Ownership

  • The tax consequences of joint ownership. Don’t put yourself in jeopardy with the IRS by making huge mistakes.
  • How to ‘undo’ your past bad decisions of joint ownership.
  • Why you should NEVER put anyone else’s name on your property, maybe NOT EVEN YOUR OWN SPOUSE.


  • How to certify your Will so it is legal in all 50 states.
  • Make your Will “self-proving,” so it can’t be challenged after you die.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of a Holographic Will.
  • Learn the common misconceptions of Wills and probate.


  • Revocable Living Trusts (also called Family Trusts or Inter Vivos Trusts).
  • Why 90% of Revocable Living Trusts out there DON’T avoid probate, even though the lawyers said they would.
  • How to create and use my “iron-clad” trust documents that absolutely will avoid probate.
  • How to properly FUND YOUR TRUST. Even attorneys give people wrong advice on this one…
  • The proper way to name your trust. Do this wrong and you could be setting yourself up for problems.
  • How to structure your trust to properly handle a remarriage after your spouse dies. Don’t let the new Black Widow spouse end up with everything (leaving your kids without a dime!).
  • Who must you “file” your trust with?
  • The phrases you need in your Trust so the Bank will immediately deal with your heirs.
  • What powers should you give your Trustees?
  • The paragraph your trust needs to prevent your beneficiaries’ shares from being attacked in lawsuits.

Estate Taxes

  • Several ways that could save your family over $100,000 in Inheritance Tax, legally, with the “stroke of a pen.”
  • How to use an A-B trust provision to make sure both you and your spouse’s deduction are recognized by the IRS.
  • Give your family over $700,000 extra dollars or get an extra $700,000 from mom and dad.

Asset Protection

  • Personal Protection from Liability
  • What is a Fraudulent Conveyance? Structure your paper-trail so predatory creditors will have a difficult time getting your assets.
  • Designate your property ownership the “right way”, so your assets are shielded from professional liability.
  • What is “deferred liability” and why you should be concerned?
  • Business and personal structures to go right out and around legal problems.
  • How to pass your business on to your heirs.
  • Protect your business from its most common attackers – the employees.

The 16 Things You Must Do In Your Corporation to Prevent Being Personally Liable (i.e. to keep from having your “corporate veil” pierced). What will the Judge ask you?

  • Find out the correct Business Entity for you… set it up… and begin using it CORRECTLY.
  • Discover why over half the population may be unintentionally running a General Partnership, and the HUGE risks associated with them.
  • Do you really need a Nevada or Delaware Corporation? Find out if the extra $1000 cost and work is necessary from the perspective of a litigation attorney.
  • Discover the extra benefits of Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies (LLP and LLC), and why Litigation Attorneys may shy away from suing one.
  • Why the majority of business owners end up being personally liable, even though they were sure they were protected…Avoid these pitfalls to protect yourself.
  • What are the weaknesses of Family Limited Partnerships? When should you really use them?
  • Set up and use your own IRS approved retirement plans such as 401K, welfare benefits plans, and more…

Identity Theft

  • Identity Theft Protection (limited time Bonus).
  • How does the identity thief find you, and how do you shield yourself?
  • Simple things you may be doing every day that put your identity at risk.
  • How to clean up the mess if you are stung by identity theft. Step-by-step instructions.

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Your investment in the Updated Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System is TAX DEDUCTIBLE

* Sales tax of 6.85% applies to shipments to the state of Utah

All orders are shipped UPS within 2 business days!
Most orders should arrive within 5 to 7 business days.
Your BONUS down loadable e-book will be available by the next business day.

And believe me…. this is just the beginning!
The Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System and Benefit Plans Retirement Saving System are so much more.

No Matter What Your Goals Are, You Can Start Using This Powerful Personal Protection System RIGHT NOW To Begin Safe-Guarding Yourself and Your Family.

Of course, you may be saying to yourself, “Sure, Lee, maybe YOU can understand all of that legal mumble-jumbo, but you are an attorney.What about me?”

That’s a good question. The good news is the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System and the Benefit and Retirement Saving Plan System were designed for “regular people.” In fact, 95% of my students are “regular people”: teachers, students, parents, business owners, musicians, accountants, real estate investors, and financial planners. Everything is written in plain language and explained extensively.


This system does NOT contain risky asset protection strategies that would have you lose control of your assets. This system is NOT based on off-shore trusts that could forfeit your assets to the whims of foreign countries. And this system WILL NOT get you into trouble with the IRS.Every tax saving strategy you’ll get is based on black letter IRS code laws and legal precedence.

EVERY aspect the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System teaches is completely legal and well-proven by thousands of people around the country.

“The Super Wealthy don’t lose half of the family wealth when the patriarch and matriarch die”


Why Should You Lose One Dime to Taxes When You or Someone in Your Family Dies?

The same laws that protect the super wealthy estates from estate taxes are available to you to protect your estate from the tax trap.

If you’re frustrated, bewildered and confused by all the conflicting information out there, the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System will finally make it crystal clear.

Did you ever have one of those “A-ha moments”, when the answer to something that was perplexing you for ages just pops into your head in an instant? Well, that’s exactly what will happen as you go through the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System. In fact, email me,, and let me know what you’re a-ha moments are, so I can improve the System.

You’ll say to yourself, “NOW I GET IT!” All the pieces of the Estate Planning and Asset Protection will finally fall into place. You’ll finally understand the basic concepts you need to begin planning for your family’s future.

Even the professionals use my materials to “get it.”For example: “I’ve studied this all my life and now after using Lee’s materials, I finally get it.” Mike Keone, Past Senior VP New York Life, Pacific Region

With Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System Take Charge of Your Own Self Protection Plan

APW kit

Using the Personal Protection Power of Estate Planning and Asset Protection…

The Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth All in One System includes the training you need to set up your own powerful Estate Plan and other important Asset Protection Strategies. It shows you how to make money and protect assets using small business structures. It includes the Benefit & Retirement Saving Plan System. It comes complete with 18 hours of step-by-step audio instructions and planning ideas that provide an entertaining explanation of the entire process. The entire system includes 3 printed manuals (over 500 pages) 15 audio CD’s and one data CD, including:

Personal Planning Package 9 CD Personal Protection System


It will guide you step-by-step on how to prepare your Revocable Living Trust, Durable Power of Attorney, Last Will, and Living Will. The 9 audio CDs and 196 page workbook show you where you need to edit forms to make them work for your specific situation. These are not just fill-in-the-blank forms. A simple fill in the blank form is no good to you. These forms will be adapted to your needs.Don’t worry, you can do it.It’s easy when you have the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System.

Business Planning Package 3 CDs

Guides you through creating and maintaining the appropriate business structures, including making decisions on whether to use a corporation, limited liability company, limited family partnership, etc. I teach you to use these structures properly to legally shield your assets and plan for maximum tax savings. Your business is your most important tax shelter. You will be able to make an extra $10,000 plus this year.The 3 audio CDs are accompanied by a 202 page workbook.

Flexible Benefits Package 3 CDs

You may be familiar with the 401(k) as a retirement planning tool. What you don’t know is you can have a 401(k) that you establish yourself. You don’t have to have a broker, banker, insurance dude, or anyone else establish the plan for you and hold your money.A 401(k) isn’t like an IRA. You don’t have to have an independent IRA approved trustee.The 401(k) is governed by the 401(k) trust agreement, and you can be the trustee. All you have to do is have the paper work – the plan documents.The Flexible Benefits & Retirement Saving Plans System gives you the plan documents. Additionally, it has all of the plan documents for the new HRA plans.Make all of your “health related” expenses TAX FREE, and put away tax deductible dollars today for your future health expenses.The CDs explain exactly what you need to do. That will effectively give you an extra $5,000 or more in spending money each year. Learn to save thousands in taxes while putting away money for your own retirement and health related expenses. Package includes almost 4 hours of audio CDs and a 300 page workbook with complete samples.All the plan documents are on a computer CD!

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Your investment in the Updated Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System is TAX DEDUCTIBLE

* Sales tax of 6.85% applies to shipments to the state of Utah

All orders are shipped UPS within 2 business days!
Most orders should arrive within 5 to 7 business days.
Your BONUS down loadable e-book will be available by the next business day.

Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System Personal Protection Library of Documents and 11 hours of Audio Instruction

  • A complete set of documents on a computer CD-Rom so you can easily edit them, including:
    • Revocable Living Trust – the special AB Trust provisions for married couples looking to retain each of their estate tax exemptions. The audio CDs give you little known techniques to let you protect assets and plan to stop black widows after either you or your spouse dies. The Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust (QTIP Trust) is included for limiting the distribution of assets by the surviving spouse and addressing the black widow issues.
    • Last Will and Testament – whether you decide to just create a will without creating a trust, or if you are integrating a will with a Living Revocable Trust, a will is essential to your estate planning goals even if you have a trust.
    • Living Will – make sure the medical community understands your real wishes when it comes to keeping your body alive when your brain is not.
    • Durable Power of Attorney – Make sure someone has the authority to take care of your personal matters if you become incapacitated. You have a 500 percent bigger chance of being incompetent or incapacitated next week than you do being dead.
    • Children’s Trust – Placing assets into a children’s trust (such as your office equipment, etc.) can protect it from creditors and remove it from your estate.Plus, you can move money to the children and save the taxes on that money in many cases.(Let me let you in on a secret.An attorney will call this trust a 2503 trust – you don’t even need children.)
    • Life Insurance Trust – Remove your life insurance from the IRS reach with this irrevocable life insurance trust. Yes, your life insurance is taxable, even though your agent said it wasn’t. People routinely lose half of their life insurance to the IRS.Save potentially hundreds of thousands in taxes.

Business Protection Library of Documents and 4 hours of Audio Instructions

  • Corporation documents (Both C and S Corporations), including Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Waiver of Notices, Minutes of Organizational Meeting, Minutes of a Special Meeting Documents for simple Section 105 employee benefit plans, and an extensive 38 point checklist for making your Corporation holdup in court
  • Limited Liability Company documents, including Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, Purchaser’s Membership Interest Certificate, and special checklist of Items to Review.The LLC is your most flexible business tool today.
  • General Partnership, a full agreement is included.Sixty percent of the population is in a General Partnership. You don’t want the liability of being in a General Partnership, but if you are going to be in one, use this document and define what you are doing.Learn how to tell if you are in a partnership already – you probably don’t even know you’re in one. Over half of the population is in a general partnerhship, and they don’t know it. They are hanging out fully exposed. Where is the attack coming from?
  • Family Limited Partnership, includes agreement and Certificate of Limited Partnership Interests.This is a business tool for the family.It gives great asset protection, tax advantages and estate planning advantages.
  • Independent Contractor’s Agreement, includes several examples of the agreements.Read them and use the one that best fits your situation.Without the document, you may think you are hiring the guy as an independent, but when there is a law suit, the presumption of law is he is your employee.
  • Real Estate Lease includes the kitchen-sink business lease.Its got everything including the kitchen sink. Take out the parts you don’t like, and you’ve got your lease left.
  • Equipment Lease,renting equipment to your own business is a neat asset protection tool and tax planning tool.You have to use the LLC or FLP, but it works. Of course, you have to have a written lease.

Benefit Plans and Retirement Plans Library of Documents and 4 hours of Audio Instructions

Health Reimbursement Agreement (HRA), includes plan documents and summary plan documents for employee distribution.This is new law and can easily give you an extra $5,000 a year out of your little company. It gives you a full tax deduction for money moved from your company into the plan – how much? NO limit! It makes all of your “health related” expenses tax free.There’s no “use it or lose it rule.”This one is cool. NO independent administrator required.

Health Savings Account (HAS), includes plan documents and summary plan documents. If your company already has one, your insurance guy sold it to you.It lacks a lot of the benefits of the HRA, but use it.It is cool. The audio will give you all of the advantages and disadvantages.Learn how to use the one you’ve got.

125 Plans (also called Flex Plans or Cafeteria Plans), includes plan documents and plan summary documents, charts and trusts for administration. This is the plan that lets you do all of the medical, child care and other expenses tax free. The audio instructions lead you through the 5500 forms, discrimination testing and everything else.

401(k), includes plan documents, summary plan documents, 401(k) Trust Agreement, and shows you how to make your retirement fund grow fast.You don’t need your broker or insurance dude. You can be the trustee, put your money away, get a tax deduction, invest it basically anywhere you want, and make it grow tax deferred.This will let you get ahead financially a whole lot faster!

You have over $25,000 in legal materials in the three sets!Plus all the instructions that the attorneys never give away to show you how to make money and protect your assets using each document.

Just a bare bones estate plan and asset protection structure of this

quality will cost over $10,000+ using one of the big down town law firms.


This isn’t something only you need to do.Your whole family needs to do this work.The Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System is copyrighted, but it comes with a special license to let you use it for your whole family.

Using the full Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System, you will have a better estate plan and better asset protection in place, because you’ll actually understand it (and understand what it will take to actually make the document make more money for you and protect your assets).

The major reason most estate plans and asset protection plans do not end up doing what they were supposed to is simply because they were not used and maintained the way the law requires.. That goes for the Revocable Living Trusts not avoiding probate, and small businesses (Corporations and LLCs) not really protecting the owners.

And now, receive over $2,500 in EXTRA BONUSES!

* BONUS #1: A $19.99 value Basic Personal Planning e-book

Protecting Your Financial Future (e-book edition)

Learn about the revocable living trusts / family trusts.This book will get you started quickly; you’ll get a down loadable copy of my Time-Warner Book-of-the-Month Club book in e-format! The hard-copy version of this book is sold on and in book stores.

This book will give you a great foundation of the concepts and terminology of estate planning and asset protection. This 337 page e-book is in Adobe PDF format, and is viewable on any Windows or Mac computer system. It may also be printed on your home printer. Review it while you are waiting for the rest of your Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System to arrive by UPS.

Book Description: Protecting Your Financial Future provides you with one of the best opportunities to double your wealth and family assets. This book will show you step by step everything you need to know to easily turn your family estate into accumulated riches. Protect your wealth from tax collectors and greedy lawsuits, plus the ravages of divorce, illness, and accidents. Reduce or eliminate probate and taxes entirely. Understand the secrets lawyers use to build wealth and protect their clients. Includes ten asset protection tips anyone can use to protect against lawsuits or financial grief, and a glossary of terms.

* BONUS #2: A $99.95 value Personal protection from identity theft

Winning the Identity Theft War

Winning the Identity Theft War is a self identity theft protection system. Written by attorneys Lee R. Phillips and Kristy Phillips, this package provides a comprehensive overview of how to protect you and your family from the growing problem of Identity Theft. A 60 minute audio CD, 93 page workbook, and data forms CD provide everything you need to begin shielding yourself. Also included are step-by-step procedures that you need to take if your identity has already been stolen. This package alone sells for $99.95 on

* BONUS #3: An $875.00 value!

Personal Consultation Support from Legalees Corporation

Upon ordering the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System, you’ll receive up to 5 hours of attorney support from LegaLees Corporation to answer all of your questions about the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System. While the course is designed to be very user friendly, we understand that you may have questions about the course and the documents that you will be using.

Normally, consultation with a good attorney would cost you over $275 per hour! (I actually charge $375 per hour.) But as a new student of LegaLees Corporation, this $875 value is included with your purchase of the Total Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System.

* BONUS #4: A $1600.00 value!

Family Licensing Rights

Once you begin learning about protecting yourself, you’ll want to share the information with your family. As a limited bonus, we are now extending to you and your immediate family FULL AND COMPLETE USE of the documents for setting up their asset protection plans. This includes your parents and your children!

Internet Special – Click for Special Pricing…

Your investment in the Updated Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System is TAX DEDUCTIBLE

* Sales tax of 6.85% applies to shipments to the state of Utah

All orders are shipped UPS within 2 business days!
Most orders should arrive within 5 to 7 business days.
Your BONUS down loadable e-book will be available by the next business day.

Protection Successfully Proven By Thousands

The Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System has been used successfully by tens of thousands of people to preserve their wealth using the System’s powerful legal documents. Whether your goals are to pass your assets to your children without the long probate process, or to protect your property from financial tragedies, the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System can save you thousands of dollars, even if you use your own attorney, because the System shows you how to pick attorneys and bargain with them. Plus, you will know what you want and get in and out of the attorney’s office fast.

You can do it yourself or use the attorneys – not be used by them. And in fact, you’ll end up with a much better estate plan and asset protection plan than you’ll get by just walking in and blindly saying, “Here I am Mr. Attorney.Set me up!” If you do that, you’ll get what you just asked for – a set up.

The fact of the matter is, nobody will care more about correctly establishing your estate and asset protection plan than YOU!

All Attorneys are Not Equal

Fortune Magazine ran an article a few years ago that said your chance of finding an attorney who can set up a good Revocable Living Trust is only about 1%.

Let’s face it, no attorney is going to care enough to take the time to really create your documents with all the necessary details unless 1) he is part of your family, or 2) you know exactly what you need up front AND you are willing to pay thousands of extra dollars to get it.

Why take any chances?

The Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System provides everything you need to make sure you get a good Living Trust that does what YOU want it to. I have helped thousands of people get what they want. I have put together for you the full set of documents used in my own office.

I also show you how to use these documents in a complete set of reference materials that can be used by you and your family for the ultimate protection and peace of mind.(All of the audio CD instructions are indexed, so you know exactly where to go to get the information you need.)

But Will These Strategies Work In My State?

Absolutely! The Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System has been used successfully by tens of thousands of my students across the country. It is based on Federal Guidelines in order to make it compatible with every state. If your estate is worth over $1 Million, then we do recommend starting with this System and then having a good local attorney review your work (tax rules on large estates are very exacting, and a lot of money is on the table, but never just blindly trust the lawyer.Make sure you know is being done and why!)

In the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System CD audio instructions, I tell you where to look for the differences in your state.Where do you file your documents – the state, county or city? How many witnesses do you need for a will?Is there a tax on transferring property to a living revocable trust? Which states require notification when you transfer your house into the living revocable trust? How do you use a homestead exemption, and which states have good ones?

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Your investment in the Updated Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System is TAX DEDUCTIBLE

* Sales tax of 6.85% applies to shipments to the state of Utah

All orders are shipped UPS within 2 business days!
Most orders should arrive within 5 to 7 business days.
Your BONUS down loadable e-book will be available by the next business day.

Think about it, you could keep putting off this important legal work that EVERYONE needs to get done, or you can get the best proven asset protection system on the market today for a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney, and you’ll end up with a better plan, because you’ll UNDERSTAND IT. Keep in mind that myself and the other attorneys in my office are here to support you with this educational material should you have any questions.

To Your Success,

Lee R. Phillips

P.S. What about a Money Back Guarantee?

I’m so positive that you’ll find the information in your Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System valuable, that I back it up with a 30 day “No Hassle” Money Back Guarantee on the Product. Just return the system in good condition and I’ll be happy to refund your purchase price less credit card fees and shipping costs.

But keep the e-book Protecting Your Financial Future as our special gift.

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As a marketing test, the bonuses we’ve assembled this time are more valuable than anything we’ve offered in the past, and may be withdrawn at any time. Remember that ordering TODAY will insure that you’ll receive your 4 valuable bonuses: that will enhance your asset protection strategies.


You get the entire Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System collection, containing:
  • Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System
  • 752 pages of instruction
  • 9 CD personal protection system for the Personal Planning Package
  • 3 CD Business Planning package
  • 3 CD Flexible Benefits Package
  • Personal Protection library documents containing the document templates used by me in my own law firm.

AND all of the previously mentioned bonuses:

  • Protecting Your Financial Future (e-book edition)
  • Winning the Identity Theft War protection system
  • Personal Consultation from LegaLees Corporation
  • Family Licensing Rights

LIMITED TIME OFFER: You will be given special instructions for contacting LegaLees Corporation free of charge (for up to 5 hours) to have any questions answered regarding your Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System legal documents.

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You’ll get personal answers from attorneys about any questions you have about the information in the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System!

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Your investment in the Updated Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System is TAX DEDUCTIBLE


* Sales tax of 6.85% applies to shipments to the state of Utah

All orders are shipped UPS within 2 business days!
Most orders should arrive within 5 to 7 business days.
Your BONUS down loadable e-book will be available by the next business day.

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We wish everyone in America had the means to obtain the knowledge that Attorney Lee Phillips is attempting to impart in the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth course. We are thankful that there is a legal system that is designed to protect people’s assets, no matter how little or how much.
~ Ed, Dallas Texas