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Estate Planning Basics

Alternative Minimum Tax Changes

Trump Blows a Hole in AMT Most people don’t understand the new rules on alternative minimum tax in the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  (Most people didn’t understand alternative minimum tax before the new rules, so what’s new?)  The new Trump laws on alternative minimum tax

What is a Disregarded Entity?

If you disregard something, you ignore it. The term “disregarded entity” is used quite frequently in the IRS world and in the legal world, so you’ll need to understand both aspects of the term. An entity is a legal structure that has legal rights, including being recognized

What Taxes REALLY Cost You

Taxes are your biggest impediment to financial success.  The IRS has lulled us into just ignoring the fact that they are taking huge chunks out of our pay checks. If people had to write out a check for their taxes every month, they would revolt.  It’s real

Getting the Maximum Money Out of Your Company

How you get money out of your company can make a huge difference. I meet people at the events I speak at, and they often proudly tell me that they already have an LLC set up.  I ask them what they do, and then I ask them

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