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Protecting Your Financial Future Book Forms

Digital form of documents found throughout the “Protecting Your Financial Future” book can be found in the list below.

>>> Please understand these forms are for your own personal use. If you need any help filling them out please please please contact us or your local attorney so they are customized to fit your needs. <<<

Chapter 4

4.1  Affidavit of Surviving Joint Tenant

Chapter 5

5.1  Personal Representative Clause

5.2  Personal Property Letter Clause

5.3  Personal Letter

5.4  Holographic Will

Chapter 7

7.1  Probate Filing Document

7.2  Probate Notice to Creditors

7.3  Self-Proving Affidavit

7.4  Letters Testamentary

Chapter 11

11.1  Affidavit of Successor Trustee

Chapter 12

12.1  Schedule A

12.2  Quitclaim Deed

12.4  Schedule B

12.5  Third Amendment

12.6  Amended Schedule B

Chapter 14

14.1  Durability Provision

Chapter 18

18.1  Spendthrift Provision

Chapter 21

21.1  Management of QTIP Trust


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We wish everyone in America had the means to obtain the knowledge that Attorney Lee Phillips is attempting to impart in the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth course. We are thankful that there is a legal system that is designed to protect people’s assets, no matter how little or how much.
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