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Business Planning is essential for any type of success in business.  Over 40 years we have refined the legal tools of wealth and have become experts in showing the smart business people how to use those tools to set up and maintain their business so that it protects them and gives them a lot more money.  Your lawyer really doesn’t care if you get asset protection out of your business structure, because when you are in a mess, he makes more money.  Your accountant has never put his arm around you and taken you aside to tell you how to use your business as a tax shelter. Yes, your business is a tax shelter — if you use it right.  Your lawyer and accountant certainly have never coordinated to make sure you have the right business plan for asset protection and tax advantages.

Business Planning Links:

Business Protection is Essential to Maximize Asset Protection and Save Taxes

LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)

State by State Information–links to each state’s information on setting up LLCs

Starting an LLC

Formalities Checklist

Spouse as Member in an LLC

Family Limited Partnerships and

Corporations: What Are they and How to Make a Corporation Yourself

Corporation vs LLC Terms

Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC Discussion

Form an LLC: Which State?

Ten Things You May Not Know About an LLC

Moving LLCs:

Charging Order Protection and the LLC

LLC Wizard Packages:

  • Starter–What you need to start up your LLC: Customizable templates and audio instructions that walk you through setting up your Operating Agreement and Articles of Organization
  • Advanced–Forms and audio instructions on how to maintain your business correctly so that your corporate shield stays in place
  • Wizard–Full instructions on all aspects of setting up and maintaining your business, together with an Attorney Hotline to ask questions pertaining to your individual situation.