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Save Taxes

The IRS is your biggest asset protection threat.  You are losing 20% – 40% of everything you earn each year to the IRS and state taxes.  That’s a major asset loss, and it goes on year after year.  People don’t understand the real asset loss that taxes are in their life.  If we can cut your tax bill by 30% that could mean millions of extra dollars to you over you lifetime.  It’s not just saving $300 on a $1000 tax bill.  That $300 can be used to make you more money all of your life.  Taxes are a lot bigger loss than people realize.  The average person just accepts the loss.  Why just accept the loss?  If you want to cut the loss, you first have to control your adjusted gross income(AGI), but there is little you can do to control it.  You have to play the tax game the way the rich do.

Your little business and your real estate investments allow you to control your AG, but your accountant has never taken you off to the side and said, “Let me show you how to use your business and real estate investments as tax shelters.”  Our goal is to cut your tax bill by 30%.  Is that a good goal?  Exactly what would a 30% tax cut have given you in extra money last year?  Take that amount of extra money and compound it at just 5% over the rest of your life expectancy.  Now, I dare you to tell me that it’s not worth working with LegaLees to try and cut your tax bill by 30%.  Let us show you step by step what to do to reach that goal.

Tax Court/IRS Representation

Not only do we help you cut your tax bill, in association with Rucker Tax, we represent people in tax court.  It’s amazing what we can do to save your bacon when the IRS has its meat hooks in you.  Give us a try.  Call 801-802-9020 immediately when you get your audit notice or if you are already in trouble.

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