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Asset Protection

Asset Protection is more important than ever today, especially with the entitlement attitude that so many people have. Let’s face it, your assets aren’t safe. If you have assets, somebody is eyeing them to take them away from you. If you have investment real estate, protecting assets from your tenants is critical. If you are making good money today, protecting assets from the tax man is a big deal. Protecting your assets in economic uncertainty is a must. Those who were ready lost very little in the big real estate collapse a decade ago. Why should all of your assets be exposed in any disaster?

Protecting assets today requires you to know about the laws that most attorneys don’t think much about. Most attorneys really don’t worry about protecting assets for you. They are just as happy as a clam to have you “fall into a trap,” because they make the big bucks digging you out of the trap rather than protecting assets for you. It is always more expensive to get out of the mess than it is to avoid the mess. Remember the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? It’s true!

Asset protection wasn’t something that Mom and Dad had to worry about 50 years ago… but protecting assets you have is critical today.

Before you get in trouble, there are tons of things you can do to prevent financial disaster. Corporations, LLCs, trusts, equity stripping, and other ownership techniques can be used to beef up your asset protection. Protecting assets after you are in trouble is another story. Click here to get a free DVD, which is a presentation I give that people pay literally thousands of dollars to attend. It walks you through how you can use the tools an attorney has that can protect your assets. The DVD has sold for as much as $149, but it’s yours free now if you simply ask. You can protect your assets, save taxes, avoid probate, literally make more money, and live a lot better life if you get the DVD and use its strategies.

Estate Planning

Lawyers make estate planning seem hard. They go to school for an extra three years to learn how to speak and write so you can’t understand them. Once you know the language, estate planning isn’t a mystery. In fact…

Estate planning is easy, if you know what to do.

Most people think that preparing an estate plan involves making a will, putting it in the file cabinet, and forgetting about it. That’s what the lawyers want you to do, because they get the maximum money out of you. They get the big bucks for writing the trust and then when you die, your family will pay them again to take your estate through probate. Some people get the idea that they are supposed to have a living trust, so they spend the big bucks at the attorney’s office and get a big stack of papers, which they file and forget about. Often these trusts don’t do what is intended. Estate planning is much more than that. While a will and trust enable you to pass your property at your death, a good estate plan will help you make your life more comfortable. You will protect your assets and it will give you more money to spend.

The opening lines in my book, Protecting Your Financial Future, make you the guarantee that doing your estate planning is worth every effort you make and every dime you spend – just in the peace of mind it will give you. Once you see what Protecting Your Financial Future is showing you, a whole new world will open up to you – a world the rich live in.

After you finish your estate planning, you’ll live just like you always have, but something will be different. Your circle of friends may change, or at least the conversations in the circle will change. You will have become a member of an exclusive group of successful people. It doesn’t matter whether you get your trust from the expensive high-rise lawyer’s office or you do it yourself, if you use your estate plan correctly, you will have more success and make more money.

Business Structures

Which type of business entity has the best asset asset protection value? There are limited partnerships, LLCs, and corporations. I’ll just say it. In 95% of the cases, you will want an LLC. The LLC Wizard shows you how to set up an LLC and use it so you can get twice the asset protection a corporation could give you. Twice the asset protection is one great advantage of an LLC. Another advantage of an LLC is the tax structure. You get to choose how it will be taxed. The tax choice you make will mean thousands of extra dollars to you – it’s a guarantee. The LLC Wizard walks you through all the tax considerations and then shows you how to get the maximum asset protection and make sure it is there when you actually need it.

To experience success, you have to use the legal tools the rich use.

An LLC has the identical “corporate shield” that a corporation has. That means you’ll have to follow the corporate formalities that are necessary to maintain the corporate shield. If you don’t follow the formalities, a court can easily “pierce the corporate veil,” and you’ll lose your limited liability protection. The LLC Wizard walks you through all of the formality procedures. In fact, it gives you a system to use, so the formalities should only take about two hours a year.

In addition to the corporate shield, an LLC has “charging order protection.” There are more cases where charging order protection saves the day than there are cases where the corporate shield saves the day. You’ll need to understand charging orders and how the states are starting to take away the charging order protection in some cases. But in every state you can ensure that you get the full charging order protection you deserve. The Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth set goes through both the corporate shield and charging order protection in detail.

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