LegaLees was founded by Lee R. Phillips in 1982 to help people better understand the law and better structure their personal and business affairs, so they can prevent the personal and business disasters that strike everyone over the course of a lifetime.

LegaLees is a company with a mission to help educate people through a combination of seminars, boot camps, and publication of books and articles. Over the years LegaLees has provided material and information about the “legal tools of wealth” to over 2 million people in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Rim. It’s mission goes beyond education and helps people actually get their business structures, estate planning, and tax planning done. Getting it done and done right gives you peace of mind you can’t put a value on.

Lee R. Phillips
Why You Should Listen to Me?

About the Founder Lee R. Phillips

Lee R. Phillips has been showing people how to get superior asset protection, make more money using the law, and secure their financial future for over 25 years, while practicing law for over 30 years. In his words:

What makes me different is I understand you. There isn’t anything I talk about that I haven’t personally been through.

Very early on in my career, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given about 3 weeks to live. After a long battle I finally beat the cancer. But I didn’t work for 2 years!

…and my medical bills were staggering…

Now remember, I was already an attorney and I still got taken to the cleaners by the legal system and various creditors. I understand what it is to lose everything through no fault of your own — just because somebody in the family gets sick.

I was furious about what the legal community was doing to people! They set you up to fail, because it guarantees their future work. How the lawyers and legal websites do it is very subtle, and the general public never sees what happens.

In fact, my wife Kristy was so frustrated about fighting the legal and medical battles that she may have gone a little overboard: she went to law school and became an attorney also! She said, “I will never blindly trust them again.”

After seeing first-hand the effects of financial tragedies on my family, I have dedicated my career to helping people do the simple legal paperwork that can make all the difference in the world when financial tragedies such as death, divorce, taxes, lawsuits and illness strike. It’s not hard to do it right, but few people, only the really smart people, ever do it right. I can show you how, and help you do it.

Asset Protection, Tax Planning, and Estate Planning strategies have been my life ever since. Besides writing several books on the subject, I now travel the country speaking to groups about how you can get amazing legal power to protect you from the tragedies that will strike.

If you can avoid just one or two the the legal traps during your life time, that’s the difference between retiring broke on social security and having enough security to go on the cruise and do whatever you want. Isolate your assets from the bad business deal, bad real estate investment, lawsuit, IRS trap, staggering medical costs, death of a family member, or even a divorce.

People pay thousands of dollars to attend my seminars throughout the country. I also have a successful law office where I refine my strategies and the systems you can use.

How I Got Started Speaking on Asset Protection

A few weeks after I had applied the laws and set up a client’s asset protection plan, he came back into my office.

He said, “Lee, setting up these legal documents and these legal strategies are really important, isn’t it?

I said, “Of course it is.

He said, “People don’t use these legal documents. Even if they have paid the big bucks and gotten the documents, they don’t make any more money or protect their assets. They don’t understand. It’s confusing. They don’t have the legal foundation you talk about, and that’s why they don’t get rich isn’t it? I mean it’s so important, that NOBODY should be without it…

I nodded.

He said, “Lee, do you think you could give people the legal tools they need and teach them how to use the tools to make money and protect themselves?

After some thought, I said, “Sure, I can develop a system to do that.

So, I started to write and then I started to speak. Ever since my battle with cancer, I wanted to know everything there was about protecting myself and others from the tragedies that will take you down including Death, Divorce, Taxes, Lawsuits, Identity Theft and Accident/Illness.

From that time to this, I have taught exclusive seminars in all but two states. I have taught over a half million people in live events about how to protect their assets, make more money using the law, set up their estate plans, and cut taxes.

As a result, I have created, and over the years I’ve refined, an easy to use “Plain English” document preparation system so you can understand and use the same legal tools rich people use.  I’ve spent most of my legal career studying asset protection, estate planning, and tax planning strategies. Let that experience help you.