Lee Phillips
Lee is CEO of LegaLees Corporation, a legal publishing and software company. He is the founder of five successful businesses and understands entrepreneurs and the challenges they face. A nationally recognized asset protection expert and dynamic speaker, Lee has advised more than 1,000 professional audiences throughout the U.S. and Canada on asset protection strategies. He holds advanced degrees in law and chemistry and has held broker/agent licenses in real estate, insurance, and securities.

Kristy Phillips
Kristy has a Juris Doctorate and a B.A. from Brigham Young University. She is corporate counsel for Capital Source, Inc., a venture capital search firm, and also oversees several development projects for LegaLees Corporation.

In 1982, when Lee was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he and Kristy faced the types of legal and financial tragedies they write about. During months of debilitating cancer treatment and hospitalization, they were compelled to gain firsthand experience in effectively dealing with asset protection, the legal system, and insurance companies. She is not currently working as a lawyer because of her advanced case of ALS.

Ben Rucker
Benjamin Rucker is a former IRS revenue agent with over seven years of experience.During his tenure with the IRS, he served in the Special Enforcement Program, trained as a tax trial expert witness, and was nationally recognized by the Civil Fraud Program and Criminal Investigation Division. His ethical standards are considered to be the highest.

The owner and founder of Rucker Tax & Consulting, LLC, he has the knowledge and skills to effectively represent clients against aggressive IRS audits and collection actions.