Thank you so much for donating to the active, progressive research going on at the Institute for EthnoMedicine!  All of your donation will go directly to research and the FDA Phase 2 test.  Kristy and I hope that their work will be done in time to help Kristy.  The research may already be helping to slow her ALS, but the Phase 2 FDA testing will possibly produce a prototype drug she can use.  Make sure you see the Ted Talk on ALS by Paul Cox.  I have included it at the bottom of this page.  It explains a lot.

Directly below is the information you need to access my Advanced Tax Tactics course.  This is my gift to you.  It has nothing to do with the Institute for EthnoMedicine.  Download the manual and you can print it or use it in electronic format.  Then download the three audio pieces, listening to them through this site or on your computer directly.  They will talk you through the manual.

Advanced Tax Tactics


Advanced Tax Tactics ALS Thank You


Track 1 – Overview and AGI

Track 2 – LLC, Travel, 280AG, IRA

Track 3 – Stretch IRA, HRA, Life Insurance, Passive Income


ALS Update and Information

My wife Kristy has been taking the recommended doses of serine per Dr. Paul Cox’s research and the tremors in her hand have gone away.  We are very grateful for your support and for the hope his research gives us.

This ALS forum thread deals with others on the same regimen:

Some of their research was published by the National Institute of Health at:


My Ice Bucket Challenge with Kristy pouring the water:

Harrison Ford mentions Paul Cox’s research in his ice bucket challenge:

Paul Cox spoke at the TEDx Jackson Hole a few years ago: