6 sessions with an attorney walk you through the process of establishing an estate plan and business structure (three sessions each) in order to maximize asset protection and tax advantages.

Session 1:

An overview of the coaching process. A small amount of training in using your word processor. Going through living revocable trust, teaching you how to personalize it with your information and customize it to do what you want it to do. Going through Schedule B, which sets out how family heirlooms and other property with sentimental value will be distributed.

Session 2:

Review session 1 projects. Go through wills, teaching you again how to personalize them -along with instructions on customizing guardianship provisions for minor children when appropriate. Going through Schedule A, which sets out what property is transferred into the Trust. Personalizing and customizing a Certification of Trust, which is used to provide pertinent trust information to banks and other financial institutions.

Session 3:

Review session 2 projects. Go through durable powers of attorney, and personalize the documents. Discuss living wills, and how they should be filled out. Giving step-by-step instructions on funding the trust with your personal assets, so the trust owns all of the assets.

By the end of Session 3, you will have your personal planning complete.

Session 4:

Review session 3 projects. Discussion of the property business entity based upon general information from the customer. Go through Articles of Organization for an LLC, with instructions on personalizing and customizing the documents. Go through Operating Agreement, with instructions on personalizing and customizing the documents.

Session 5:

Review session 4 projects. Discussion of corporate formalities – using the actual Operating Agreement to set-out the formalities required. Education provided on co-mingling, piercing the corporate veil, and so forth.

Session 6:

Review session 5 projects. Tax discussion, including tax opportunities provided by businesses. Tax requirements of businesses. Overall questions related to the course and any catch-up necessary.

By the end of Session 6, you will have your business prepared in such a way that it meshes with your personal planning.

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