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Money Making & Asset Protection Boot Camp

The next Lee Phillips BOOT CAMP will be held


Thursday and Friday, May 9-10, 2024

Virtual format at a discounted rate of $1499


Finally, a legal and moneymaking Boot Camp where we actually teach you what to do, not just what we know!”

Lee R. Phillips and his team of lawyers, tax experts, and financial planners take a LIMITED group and give you the step-by-step business structures you should be using, the actual formation papers, all of the other critical documents, procedures and formalities to follow, the tax codes to use, and the laws they use every day for themselves and their richest clients to make thousands of dollars more. PLUS you can “go one-on-one” and get their input on YOUR SPECIFIC situation to fine tune your asset protection plan and money making opportunities. You’ll get over $600 in one-on-one professional time at Lee Phillips Boot Camp.

Why Should You Come?

There’s no one better than Lee and his legal, financial, and accounting associates to take you by the hand through the minefield of mistakes most people make when they set up their asset protection and tax plans. At Lee Phillips Boot Camp, you will be in the room for two days with a United States Supreme Court Counselor who has actually answered asset protection questions for some of the United States Supreme Court Justices as well as a former IRS special auditor who helped take down some of the biggest fraud cases in the West and can let you know how best to avoid an audit.

With the techniques and laws revealed at Lee Phillips Boot Camp, you’ll literally have the combination to put together powerful asset protection structures that not only protect, but let you cash in on the good tax stuff… Not the complex offshore and domestic tax plans that cost a fortune, never deliver anything, and put you in hot water with the IRS – The easy tax ideas that your accountant never takes the time to help you with, but will support 100% when you present the ideas. It all adds up to lots more money and security for your family.

Lee Phillips Boot Camp is a rare opportunity to spend two ENTIRE days with experts who will show you what they use every single day. You’ll learn strategies that make Lee and his team tens of thousands of dollars extra year after year. This isn’t a one shot deal. This is more money every year. It’s not what you show as income. It’s how well you live!! How well do you live?

Cut Through the Hassles and Get a Real Action Plan at Lee Phillips Boot Camp!

Rather than talking legal and accounting mumbo jumbo, at Lee Phillips Boot Camp everything will be in plain English.  Lee has personal experience with tragedy. He learned the hard lessons when he was young, and he’s gone out in the field and asked people, just like YOU, EXACTLY what they wanted to learn and work on. The answers came in:

  • How To Protect A “Good” Property from a Property That Is Upside Down and Sinking
  • How To Create an Operating Agreement for an LLC That Provides More Asset Protection Shielding
  • How to Take an Extra $10,000 Off Your Income and Drop to a Lower Tax Bracket – That Means You Spend More of Every Dollar You Make.
  • To See the Big Picture of Asset Protection, Tax Planning, Business Structuring, Plus Estate Planning, and How They Fit Together.
  • How to Get Out of the Real Estate Rat Race WITHOUT A TAX!
  • How to Avoid What the IRS is Gunning for When You Buy Real Estate in Your Roth IRA
  • How To Build Your Own Asset Protection Shield to Protect Your Real Estate and Your Business
  • How To Keep from Being Screwed by Life Insurance Companies. Life Insurance is A Big Tax Tool and Necessary Part of Most People’s Life, BUT You Don’t Need to Be BURNED. (Don’t worry, you won’t get sold life insurance. It’s just a tool we’ll study.)
  • How To Protect Your Investments in Today’s Uncertain Economy.
  • How to Run a Professional Practice/Business and Get Asset Protection.
  • How to Get Double The ASSET PROTECTION Your Attorney Talked About

That’s what you said you wanted, and that’s exactly what Lee and his team will give you at the Money Making & Asset Protection Boot Camp!! The bottom line is this, we had more positive feedback from our last How to Make It and How to Keep It Workshop from the Workshop attendees than ANY event we’ve EVER done, and now, we’ve honed it, refined it for the new laws and Lee Phillips Boot Camp is the BEST BOOT CAMP YOU’LL EVER ATTEND.


How much will this save you? Time, Money, Stress. How much more could you spend if you could shave just 5% off your taxes? My guess is about three times the cost of this training your first year alone. You’ll pay your lawyers and CPAs a lot more than you’ll pay for Lee Phillips Boot Camp two day training. The problem is you’ll be paying them after you’ve lost a lot of money, and you’ll be happy to pay them to salvage whatever you’ve got left. The smart people figure out that an ounce of prevention (and preparation) is worth a pound of cure. Frankly, there’s a lot more, but I think you can see this will be a life changing, business boosting, and income exploding two days with us. You’ll have a plethora of competent professionals to give you good advice to live by – in a “classy” setting with a handful of other committed people who should have a killer year in 2017 without working any harder or taking any big risks – that’s security.


AWESOME BONUSES PLUS a Special Guarantee

Lee Phillips Boot Camp —  a 2 Day Live Training Event — $2,499.00 Plus, you’ll get a 200+ page course Manual

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(Normally a $999 charge for the second person)

Look at What You Get at Lee Phillips Boot Camp

  • Live Event Workshop Tuition $2,499 (or $1999 with Early Bird Discount)
  • Free Companion Tuition (usually $999)
  • Free Personal Consultation with Attorney & CPA ($999 value)
  • YOUR INVESTMENT $2,499 (Virtual $1499)
  • Register now for the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (save $500!)

Register Early as Seating is Limited at Lee Phillips Boot Camp


One other point. Your $2499 (Early Bird $1,999) is tax deductible, because we are going to give you business and tax counsel. In fact, ALL OF YOUR EXPENSES ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. We will explain how to deduct this expense as one of the examples in your counseling. IN PERSON LOCATION: the Historic Joseph Smith Memorial Building, 15 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT. 

BUT—You’ve got to act now!  We regularly sell out of the limited spots.

Click below to register or call 800-806-1998.

If you want to negotiate your way through today’s tough times and become rich in real estate, business or just every day life, you have to use money the way the rich do and invest in yourself. If you qualify for this exclusive event and make a commitment now, you’ll get the entire two-day Boot Camp for only $1,999. A small investment to make BIG money!

Are you prepared to invest a little to make a lot? Can you afford to wait any longer to start protecting yourself and making more money for yourself? The Money Making & Asset Protection Boot Camp will blow your mind with possibilities.

I hope to see you there!
Lee R. Phillips, JD

P.S. We are tax attorneys and accountants. We will help “personalize” the expense for you to make the Money Making & Asset Protection Boot Camp trip and registration tax deductible. Can you afford not to join us if Uncle Sam pays a chunk of the price?

All live Boot Camps have been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns and travel restrictions. Email us at info@legalees.com to be put on a list for notification when new dates open up.


Early Bird Price  
April 10, 2024  

$1499 $999


Any questions? Call Lee’s toll free number 800-806-1998 today!