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LLC Mini Course

Learn From US Supreme Court Counselor Lee R. Phillips On How To Setup an LLC.  This eBook is valued at $250!

Meet Lee R. Phillips

US Supreme Court Counselor

Lee is a unique attorney. He has a BS in geophysics, an MS in analytical nuclear chemistry, and a JD in Law from Brigham Young University. He has distinguished himself as a United States Supreme Court Counselor, Estate Planning and Business Formation Specialist and Tax Lawyer who has helped over half million people understand how to use the law to make more money and protect their assets.  He has practiced law for over 40 years and helped some of the wealthiest people protect themselves, their businesses, and make more money.  He is the author of 15 books, has authored over 500 published articles, has given over 5000 live lectures, and is a popular continuing education teacher for attorneys, accountants, insurance, and finance professionals.

What They're Saying

Janna S.

Carbondale, CO

“Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and humor!! Investing in your knowledge was just what I needed—with perfect timing. Now I know I can take care of all this business with confidence.”

Edith J.

Bellevue, WA

“We sincerely appreciate Lee’s cooperation in trying to make things work for us. We really appreciate people like Lee who know their topic so well and give such thorough presentations.”

Chris V.

Salt Lake City, UT

“Your course material is well organized and understandable. Congratulations on a superb job.”

Download your free ebook today and learn from the expert on how to setup an LLC which is valued at $250!


Debunk many of the myths about LLC asset protection and show you some tax “loopholes”

Almost everybody – everybody except the smart people – sets up their LLC, and that’s the last thought they give it. Lots of them don’t even bother to choose a tax structure, and they get the default structure. Let’s face it, that is not tax planning.

How To Protect Your Company from Lawsuits

When most small business owners are sued, they end up losing a ton of personal assets, if not declaring personal bankruptcy, because their small business isn’t structured to protect them. The sad truth is that with proper structuring and maintenance this doesn’t need to happen.

How to Setup the Proper Structure

You’ve probably never even looked at the operating agreement, or you don’t even have one. You’ve never issued membership certificates. You’ve never done anything to “beef up” your charging order protection. You may not even know what charging order protection is. Your attorney and the internet site just forgot to explain that one. If I have just described your experience with an LLC, I will tell you that your LLC is failing, but you’re making the attorney who’s going to sue you someday very happy!

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