Lee Phillips’ Complete LLC Operating Agreement

Your Operating Agreement is the main component to your LLC and defines the following…

  • Company Operations
  • What happens when creditors come after you.
  • What happens when you die.
  • Whether or not you have any liability shielding,
  • Dozens of other issues surrounding your LLC.
  • Prevents or Solves Possible Partner Disputes

We’ve Created an EASY Way to Customize Your Template That
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Operating Agreement Template Customized Operating Agreement
Fill in the Blank Documents Customized documents
Protect personal assets from business liabilities Protect business assets from personal liabilities
Create a mess for heirs Have a smooth ownership transition
Ignore Estate Taxes Eliminate Estate Taxes
Pay Payroll taxes (self employment Taxes) Reduce payroll taxes (self employment taxes)
Write off pencils and paper Cut income taxes by $20,000 – $30,000
Get a stack of papers and an LLC Use your LLC to Make Money and Protect Your Assets.

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