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Lee is a unique attorney. He has a BS in geophysics, an MS in analytical nuclear chemistry, and a JD in Law from Brigham Young University. He has distinguished himself as a United States Supreme Court Counselor, Estate Planning and Business Formation Specialist and Tax Lawyer who has helped over half million people understand how to use the law to make more money and protect their assets.  He has practiced law for over 40 years and helped some of the wealthiest people protect themselves, their businesses, and make more money.  He is the author of 15 books, has authored over 500 published articles, has given over 5000 live lectures, and is a popular continuing education teacher for attorneys, accountants, insurance, and finance professionals.

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The Ownership Hang-Ups of Americans

Ownership is a major issue with Americans. It is a psychological hang-up we have. We have to own things. If you are going to use a living revocable trust, you will have to get over that hang-up. You can control the property, but you can’t technically own it.

Using Schedules in Trusts

Many lawyers will fund your trust by using what is called a “schedule.” You should not rely on a schedule to fund your trust. If your trust is using a schedule to fund itself, the text of your trust will say that the trust owns everything “listed on the ‘Schedule A’ which is attached to the trust.”

Moving Keepsakes to Kids without a Fight

Many states do not allow your will to incorporate a personal letter into your estate plan. But, the ability to change your mind and not have to rewrite your will is important. You need to know whether or not your state’s law allows you to write a personal letter after your will is written. Call the probate clerk at the court, or call your local lawyer.

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