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Identity Theft

Tax Identity Theft Can be Avoided

Tax Identity Theft Tax identity theft has taken a big jump in recent years. Identity theft has been with us for many years, but tax identity theft is beginning to ramp up. Let’s face it, everyone has been required to file for social security numbers or SSNs

Estate Planning and Your Obituary can be a Goldmine for Identity Theives

Estate planning must involve every aspect of your estate.  As a result, I recommend that you prepare your obituary in advance.  It will make things easier on your family later.  As you prepare the obituary, keep in mind identity thieves.   Identity thieves regularly scan the obituaries. They note all the personal information and use it […]

The Estate Plan Doesn’t Take Care of Identity Thieves

When there was a death in the family, I used to tell my estate planning clients not to worry. I told them to take the time they needed to mourn. I could do this because an estate planning trust bought them additional time. Unfortunately, now a death is nothing but an opportunity for identity thieves.

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