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Which State and Entity for a Bullet Proof Asset Protection Plan?

In building a bullet-proof asset protection plan, which state is the best to file a limited liability entity, Wyoming or Nevada? and which entity would be the most effective, an LLC, LP, “S” Corp or a “C” Corp, and what would your fee be for such? MHM There is not a “best” state to file a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in any more.  It used to be that Nevada and Delaware had more favorable laws.  However, all states have now made changes in their laws so that they work just as well. No state wants to lose this revenue.  In fact if you file in a foreign state (a state other than your own), most states tax you anyway.  Now it is best to file in your own state.  It is often more costly to file in a foreign state, because of additional fees and double taxes. Which entity would be most effective depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  For instance, if you are holding a piece of rental property an LLC is usually a good choice.  If you plan to grow a huge company and go public you will need a corporation. Fees for legal entities depend on hours involved.  I go through this discussion in detail in my LLC Wizard Course.

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