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LLC Formation

LLC Operating Agreement Template – Is Bigger Better?

LLC Operating Agreement Template – Is Bigger Better?

An LLC operating agreement template lets you write your own LLC operating agreement. The operating agreement is a fundamental part of your company’s legal protection, yet many small businesses don’t have one. If they do have one, it is often only a 5-page token effort. What difference

Business Start-up Labyrinth-Finding Your Way

Business Start-up Labyrinth-Finding Your Way

Business start-up labyrinth causing you trouble? You are not alone. Many who have a small business start-up are confused when trying to pick the right entity, or frustrated when trying to fill out the formation documents or know what they need to do to keep up the

LLC Tax Election

An LLC tax election is the decision you make to determine how your LLC is taxed. An LLC is a unique business structure called a limited liability company, but the IRS Code has not given the LLC a unique taxation section. So how is the LLC to

Business Asset Protection in Business Formation

Business asset protection needs to be considered early in your business formation process. It’s never too soon to think about asset protection. Many businessmen think business asset protection planning is only needed after they are successful and have made a lot of money. It doesn’t always work

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