Question on Property Holdings

Question: Do you recommend a different Trust for each individual property I own? K. Hoover Answer: Holding properties in separate legal entities is a good idea for asset protection purposes. A misguided scenario I see too often is to hold them in various land trusts. It doesn’t matter who the beneficiaries of the land trusts […]

Need Some Extra Cash?

Beginning a business doesn’t have to cost much money. You can fill out and file the forms you need by yourself. Just be certain you take the time to be educated about the business form you use and why. I am bullish on the LLC.

Issuing Membership Certificates for an LLC

Membership Certificate vs. Stock By Lee R. Phillips One of the issues that seemed to be of particular interest at our boot camp the first of March was ownership of the LLC.  Ownership is represented by the “stock” held in the LLC. Of course, there isn’t any stock in an LLC.  It is a “membership […]