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LLC Basics

Business Start-up Labyrinth-Finding Your Way

Business Start-up Labyrinth-Finding Your Way

Business start-up labyrinth causing you trouble? You are not alone. Many who have a small business start-up are confused when trying to pick the right entity, or frustrated when trying to fill out the formation documents or know what they need to do to keep up the

House Title– How to Hold for Better Protection

How you hold the title to your house to protect it from lawsuits makes a difference. I often have asset protection fanatics tell me that they have put their house title in a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) for house protection. This is a big mistake.

Commingling Funds and Corporate Formalities

Commingling is a Term Most Often Applied to Funds or Assets When a fiduciary, a person entrusted with the management of funds other than his or her own in trust, mixes trust money with that of others, the fiduciary is commingling funds. When the fiduciary of a trust

Creating an LLC- Which State is Best?

Creating an LLC and wondering which state to use? I usually recommend that you create an LLC in the state where you are doing business. Yes I know that you have probably heard all the sales pitches that Nevada and Delaware make. You may even believe the

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