Set up LLC- Step by Step

It is easy to set up LLC (Limited Liability Company.) LLCs are not only easy to form, their liability protection rivals that of the corporation. LLCs are also easy to manage and give their owners great tax advantages. The important thing is to make certain make the

Why Does Each Attorney Give Me A Different Answer?

Attorneys are doing to give you a lot of different answers to your questions, leaving you more confused than when you went into the office. The reason being is they each have different areas of law, or specialties. Check out some of the most common tools and how to use one tool to get three […]

Single or Multi Member LLC?

There is one slight advantage to a single member LLC. If you are the sole owner of the entity (single member LLC) you can choose to be taxed as a sole proprietor or corporation (C or S). If you are willing to be taxed as a “sole proprietorship,” then you don’t need to get an EIN. You will still operate as an LLC, but it will be a “disregarded entity” in the eyes of the IRS.

What is an LLC Entity Classification?

I don’t understand what an LLC entity classification is and how to get it? NS When you file an LLC you can choose to elect how your new business will be classified for tax purposes.  If your LLC has two or more members you can choose to be classified as either a corporation or a […]