Editable template in Word document form: Appendix 3


A p p e n d i x   3

Estimate of Estate Value


Estimate the value of each asset and the amount of each liability. You shouldn’t have to look up exact amounts. Remember, this is only an estimate. Estimate assets at a high value, because inflation must be taken into account.


Assets                                                                                         Estimated Value

Personal Residence                                                     $ _______________

Investment Real Estate                                               _________________

Vehicles/Boats, etc.                                                     _________________

Savings/CDs/Cash                                                      _________________

Stocks/Bonds                                                               _________________

Life Insurance (death benefits)                                _________________

IRAs                                                                                _________________

Retirement that will go to heirs                                 _________________

Annuities                                                                       _________________

Small Business (value of portion you “own”)         _________________

Personal Property/Household/Jewelry                  _________________

Collectibles/Art                                                             _________________

Other                                                                               _________________

                                                Total Assets                            $ _______________



Home Mortgage                                                           _________________

Other Real Estate Mortgages                                     _________________

Vehicle Debts                                                                _________________

Business Debts (if business is in your estate)        _________________

Other Debts                                                                   _________________

Amount you plan to leave to a charity                     _________________

                                                Total Liabilities                $ _______________


Total Estate Value (Assets minus Liabilities)      $ _______________