The Business Start Up Maze

Business start up regulations can be a real maze for a new business owner.   Mazes are designed to challenge and entertain their patrons.  They are not designed to be so scary that they become life-threatening.  Yet a few years ago a family in Massachusetts became so disoriented they called 911 for help to be retrieved by police just 25 feet from the exit.  The parents who had a six week old infant and a small child didn’t getting much sympathy.  They became targets for late-night jabs from television hosts like Jay Leno and Chelsea Handler.  Yet their experience reminds us that there are many small business owners who are trying to work their way through the maze of government business start up regulations.

Laugh if you will but the family can act as a symbol if you will of the importance of being prepared, before you enter the business start up regulation maze.  In the maze of business start-ups many get trapped.  More than 50% of small businesses fail with in five years of formation.  The correct legal foundation could make all the difference in your business.  What if your have the proper liability shield so that you can deflect a lawsuit?  What if you have structured your business for the most favorable tax climate?  These questions can be answered to your benefit and could save your business.  In the LLC Wizard, it is all there for you.