Visit: and find your state business registration office to obtain the forms and file.

Starting a business is a great idea for many people. If you do it right the first time, you’ll make more money and sleep better at night.

Here’s a few LLC Basics to get you started.

Which Agent? Who should be my Agent?

You will be the agent. If you are forming an LLC in the state where you live, you’ll be the registered agent. You have to supply a physical address in the state. The reason for this is that the state doesn’t want to chase you to deliver important papers or communicate with you. That’s the function of the registered agent.

If you are filing in a “foreign” state, you’ll have to hire a registered agent.

Which Manager? What are my management options?

A typical check the box question on the state forms is: Member Managed? Or Manager Managed?  It is important to know what the positions represent. The reality is that the positions do not control voting of shares or who is liable.
Choice of manager does control asset protection options. It does determine whether or not you can have “continuity of life” or a “transferability of interests” in your LLC.

Whether to use a member-managed or a manager-managed LLC can actually make you more money or cost you money down the road. This is an election that you make according to your company structure and needs. A thorough analysis of this matter is included in our popular $197 package, which includes a comparison chart and full audio analysis.

What to File?

To form an LLC, all you have to do is file “Articles of Organization” with your state.  It is a simple document.  If you are filing your LLC immediately, jump directly to our State by State Information pages to find the forms for your state and get going.

The forms can be filed online in most states. The articles of organization are public documents. They are filed with the state for everyone to read. Never give more information on the form than the minimum required.