Olympic tax tips are needed for the medal winners returning to the  United States. Otherwise, existing tax laws  will temper some of the joy. According to U. S. Tax Law, medalists will have to pay taxes both on their prize earnings and the value of their medal. Senator Marco Rubio, President Obama and several house members are now trying to control the IRS tax bill for these athletes.

You are probably working hard at your business in an attempt to go for your own gold. Do you find yourself wondering why nobody is working to help control your taxes? There will be no Olympic tax tips for you Lee Phillips’ Ten Tax Tips may have just the relief you need. Did you know that 85% of folks in the United States overpay their taxes? You may be one of them, but there is no need to be in that 85%.

If you are interested in discovering a great way to save on your taxes.. the Ten Tax Tips is just the tip you need. Think what it would mean to you if you could save just 20% on your taxes…without having to lose a dime of income?!

Dreaming about cutting your income taxes doesn’t have to be just wishful thinking. You can cut your taxes, but the only way to do it is to stop dreaming and attack your tax woes. If you act like an ostrich and stick your head in the sand, things will never get better. So what do you do? It all comes down to how well you know the laws associated with money and taxes.

Do you want to have Uncle Sam write you a bigger check this year? You just need to follow the law. The nice thing is that these strategies work this year and then next year, and the year after that. Take a look at the Ten Tax Tips, and get Uncle Sam working for you.

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