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Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth Set

Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth Set




Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth Complete Planning System: Personal Planning, Business Planning, Retirement & Benefits Planning All In ONE!

Complete course with proven strategies on effective tax planning, estate planning and asset protection for your business and personal affairs.

The course takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to use the law to make money and protect assets.

You get the entire Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System collection, containing:

  • Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System
  • 752 pages of instruction
  • 9 CD personal protection system for the Personal Planning Package
  • 3 CD Business Planning package
  • 3 CD Flexible Benefits Package
  • Personal Protection library documents containing the document templates used by me in my own law firm.

AND all of the previously mentioned bonuses:

  • Protecting Your Financial Future (e-book edition)
  • Winning the Identity Theft War protection system
  • Personal Consultation from LegaLees Corporation
  • Family Licensing Rights

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We wish everyone in America had the means to obtain the knowledge that Attorney Lee Phillips is attempting to impart in the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth course. We are thankful that there is a legal system that is designed to protect people’s assets, no matter how little or how much.
~ Ed, Dallas Texas