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The LLC Wizard delivers Double the Asset Protection and a lot more spendable cash out of your LLC. It will let you set up, operate and get the benefits out of your own unique LLC in 6 easy steps. It works in any state and can easily be done from home using simple and powerful legal and tax strategies your attorney and CPA have probably never mentioned.


  • Advanced Tax Tactics
  • Tax Summit
  • Tax Review
  • Attorney Hotline
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The Complete LLC Wizard System

  • Easily create customized LLC documents
  • Step-by-step instructions to file your own LLC
  • Get more money
  • Decide the best tax structure for your LLC
  • Get your EIN step by step
  • Avoid tax audits
  • Lower AGI (Adjusted Gross Income)
  • Protect business assets from personal liabilities
  • Protect yourself and family form business liabilities
  • Avoid probate on your LLC
  • Eliminate Estate Taxes
  • Use a Series LLC – cut out the state fees
  • Reduce payroll taxes (self-employment taxes)
  • Skip the Registered Agent – Save Money!
  • Use your LLC to Make Money and Protect your Assets
  • 30-minute consultation with Lee Phillips ($250 value)

Advanced Tax Tactics – digital version

  • How to choose your NAICS code
  • Specific tax tips to cut your taxes 20-30%
  • Use your little business as a tax shelter
  • Use your real estate as a tax shelter
  • What your CPA never told you about audits
  • How to get tax free money from your house – lots of it!
  • Know Above the Line and Below the Line Tricks
  • Work Above the Line – That’s Good, But Your Accountant Never Told You How
  • Improve Life for You and Your Family

Tax Summit

You’ve got your accountant or your favorite tax software, but they aren’t meeting with you midyear to strategize how to cut your 2022 taxes.  Of course, if you did meet with your accountant for an hour, there would be a $300 bill.  We meet with our clients and save them collectively millions of dollars in taxes by just coaching them through the whole year.  You’ve got to prepare your finances all year as you go along to get the best tax result.

Well, Ben Rucker and I can’t coach everybody as a client, but we can help you through your tax planning virtually.  We’ll even guarantee you’ll take home more money this year if we can just make a few tweaks with you on your strategies and numbers early in the year.  Of course, this all has to be done before the end of the year.

Ben is the former IRS Special Auditor/Agent that works with me now.  He can really help get your tax burden down, down, down. Plus, we’ve got to cut your audit risk. Ben taught the IRS auditors how to pick tax returns to audit. Biden has put $80 Billion into the IRS just to increase audits. He wants to collect $1 trillion more in taxes simply more–a lot more– audits. Now is the time to learn about reducing your risk of audit.

We are going to spend 4 hours and walk you through what you need to consider for your 2023 taxes. You have never had anyone do this for you – at least not like we are going to.  Look at what we will cover.

  • Passive losses in real estate investing
  • Maximizing 199A (20% Trump deduction)—take advantage now before it disappears—it’s not gone yet
  • Above the line / below the line accounting
  • 5 ways to lower your adjusted gross income (AGI)
  • Marginal tax rates vs. effective tax rates—easily calculate your own tax savings without waiting for your accountant
  • Business equipment purchases—that could be your real estate or home business
  • Tax deductions with cash outflow vs. without cash flow outputs
  • How to cut your chances of audit by ten times

This year it is critical.  Our goal is to cut your taxes by 20%. How much more money would that give you this year?  If you think that only people with over $400,000 in income can cut their taxes and will be affected by the new tax law changes, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I would love to sell you.  How will the coming guaranteed tax changes affect you? For example, do you know what to do about the alternative minimum tax changes that are already certain?

Free Tax Return Review

Ben and his crew will give you a free review of your last tax return.  That’s a $500 service you are getting.  They will be looking for large unusual items that will flag you for an audit.  They will be looking for deductions that might not have been taken, 199A maximization, real estate issues, and lots more.  You will upload a copy of your tax return to a secure site, and then it will be reviewed and discussed with you.

Attorney Hot Line

You can call and ask questions related to the LLC Wizard materials.  That’s invaluable, because if you call and ask questions with your lawyer or accountant, you’ll have a nice bill.  Not here, it’s free to you as an LLC Wizard user.

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