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LLC Wizard

LLC Wizard


The LLC Wizard delivers Double the Asset Protection and a lot more spendable cash out of your LLC. It will let you set up, operate and get the benefits out of your own unique LLC in 6 easy steps. It works in any state and can easily be done from home using simple and powerful legal and tax strategies your attorney and CPA have probably never mentioned.



The Complete LLC Wizard System

  • Adopt an operating agreement and do the tax filings
  • Customized documents
  • Decide how to tax the LLC – Pros and Cons
  • Lower AGI (Adjusted Gross Income)
  • Protect business assets from personal liabilities
  • Have a smooth ownership transition
  • Eliminate Estate Taxes
  • Use a Series LLC
  • Reduce payroll taxes (self employment taxes)
  • Cut income taxes by $20,000 – $30,000
  • Skip the Registered Agent – Save Money!
  • Use your LLC to Make Money and Protect your Assets

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Weight 75 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in

4 reviews for LLC Wizard

  1. Lee Phillips

    I purchased your LLC Wizard program. I loved it for the information and ease of use…thank you so much. —Susan H., Dublin, OH

  2. Lee Phillips

    Just wanted to let you know, your LLC program online WAS a big help. I recommend it to anyone who is starting out, and I also recommend they buy the additional voice guide which goes through the information step by step!!! Thank you very much. —Carroll R, Charlotte, NC

    • Lee Phillips

      Note that the “additional voice guide” is the audio files that are always included when you buy the LLC Wizard. So glad you found them helpful.

  3. Lee Phillips

    Hi Lee,
    Thank you so much for your LLC Wizard course. I hit the “disregarded entity” problem when I attempted to register my single member LLC for a tax lien sale held on the internet… Your course helped me to understand why and gave me other information about the problems being created for single member LLCs…Thank you so much for your LLC Wizard course. Thank you for the excellent information provided in your course. –Rachel G, Timonium, MD

  4. Lee Phillips

    I purchased your LLC Wizard. It’s very good and very well set up. It made the LLC set up much, much easier than otherwise! Thank you so much. Viktor L., Sacramento CA

    • Lee Phillips

      Thanks for using the LLC Wizard. I think it is the best source out there for non lawyers to understand and use LLCs.

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