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Mr. Landlord offer


Mr. Landlord offer



*Exclusive special offer for Mr. Landlord members and students*


Lee Phillips is an attorney and has been an advisor for the Mr. Landlord newsletter and website visitors for over 25 years.  Lee has an audio tutorial for all Mr. Landlord readers that provides and pulls apart a sample LLC operating agreement and teaches landlords how to use it. It is unwise to assume that just having an LLC will legally protect you or automatically help you maximize your cash flow.

You can use the operating agreement if you don’t already have one, or use it to supplement what you already have for your landlording business. Lee has created an easy way to customize the template (which is in MS Word format) that can give you the protection you need. The operating agreement and tutorial are sold online for $97, but Lee has agreed to make an exclusive offer available to Mr. Landlord members and readers for only $19.97.

This resource is being offered at an 80% discount for a limited time, so get started now. If you get this LLC tutorial and operating agreement, you will also get a free copy of the $14.99 eBook, by Lee Phillips, titled “Double Your Asset Protection” as a bonus! This eBook is ONLY being offered to the first 20 who request it.

Your Operating Agreement is the main component to your LLC and defines the following…

  • Company operations
  • What happens when creditors come after you
  • What happens when you die
  • Whether or not you have any liability shielding
  • Dozens of other issues surrounding your LLC
  • Prevents or solves possible partner disputes

We’ve Created an EASY Way to Customize Your Template That Gives You The Protection You Need!

  • Customized Documents in MS Word format
  • 40+ Minutes of Audio Instruction
  • Protect Business Assets From Personal Liabilities
  • Smooth Ownership Transition
  • Eliminate or Reduce Estate Taxes
  • Reduce Payroll Taxes (self employment taxes)
  • Cut Income Taxes Significantly


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