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One Month Access CERT: Coronavirus Economic Relief Tutorial


One Month Access CERT: Coronavirus Economic Relief Tutorial


One month access to CERT program. Ability to upgrade to whole CERT at any time.

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We know things are hard right, and for some of you it simply isn’t possible to spend $499 on getting the business help you need. That’s why for a select few who have shown interest, we are offering one month access to our CERT program to get you through the hard times, with the option to apply the $99 month cost toward getting the whole program later in the year so that you can better take advantage of the tax breaks next spring.

The economy is going down.  Will your little business survive?  The government is trying to help small businesses, but you have got to play their game to get the money that hopefully will keep you afloat.

If someone knocked on your door and said, “Hi I am from the federal government, and I am here to help you,” you would laugh at them.  The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Economic Injury Loan (EIDL), and all of the other tax benefits in the new laws are supposed to help you, but applying for the help, getting the help, and getting “forgiveness” of the loans are tricky processes.

People are starting to get denied the PPP loans they applied for.  Technically, the Paycheck Protection Program is a loan, but everybody thinks “free money” in the back of their mind.  It is a pretty big leap from loan to free money.  Everyone believes that the loan will be forgiven, and they won’t have to pay anything back on the loan.  True, BUT in typical government fashion, you’ve got to do everything just right to get your loan forgiven.  A lot of the loans are going to end up being loans, and you’ll pay them back.

Our CERT (Coronavirus Economic Relief Tutorial) show you how to apply for the loans, get loan forgiveness, and take advantage of the numerous tax credits available to a small business.  The CERT course walks you through everything associated with the new laws.  We update the CERT course almost daily, because the rules and regulations are changing every day. No other course includes the tax credits.  No other course walks you through the legal aspects of all the new laws.

For example, everybody has just kind of forgotten to tell you that a business has to notify each employee of what they are entitled to under the new laws.  The employees have to be notified through posting at the work place, emails, or direct mail.  The Treasury Department and Small Business Administration are charged with administration of the loans.  The Department of Labor has been charged with compliance enforcement.

Of course, CERT walks you through each loan application process so you have a better chance of getting the loan and getting more money.  The Loan Calculator that is in CERT makes everything really easy.  How much are you entitled to get?  How do you apply?  How do I get my NAICC number?  Our office is being slammed with questions, because each loan processor has a different application process.

It’s not too late, but the prize is definitely going to go to the quick in this case.  You have to try to get the government aide you are entitled to.  Your CPA will be flattered to help you.  The SBA law says a professional can charge up to $2,500 for an EIDL application, with no strings attached.  Most accountants will charge more, and all they have to inform you that they are charging above the minimum set by the law.

CERT video tutorials are available on an unlisted YouTube channel, and we also have written summaries and spreadsheets to help.  Even though the economy is a mess, your time is valuable, and CERT will make the whole government program quick and easy to navigate.  Of course, we are notifying our CERT users almost every day as new information becomes available.  We hold several Q&A internet sessions each week to help CERT users.

I’m Lee R. Phillips JD, United States Supreme Court Counselor, and I have developed how-to courses for almost 40 years.  Over a million people have used my information to help them save taxes, protect assets, create successful businesses, and plan their personal estates.  Ben Rucker is an accountant who spent 8 years as an IRS special auditor.  We are working full time to keep you informed about the changes that occur every day this coronavirus mess continues.  When you invest in CERT, you will join in an ongoing conversation with top advisors.

The immediate focus is on applying for the PPP loans.  But, as that fades, loan forgiveness, and compliance will become our focus.  Do you have a plan to use the PPP money so you’ll qualify for forgiveness?  Lenders have an incentive not to forgive your PPP loans, and they will be making the decision as to whether your loan is forgivable or not.

CERT has a total money back guarantee for 7 days after you get it.  It will be delivered via download instantly when you invest in the course.  Most of my how-to courses have a hard copy component, but things are changing so fast today, that anything printed would be out of date by the time it left the press.

CERT explains who can apply for a PPP loan.  It is based on paychecks, thus the name Paycheck Protection Program, so you have to have a “payroll” to apply.  You might be the only person on the payroll.  If your company only holds real estate and doesn’t have a payroll, your only shot is the EIDL program.  We go through different scenarios to help figure out how you can get help to survive the hard economic times we are facing.

I had a small business person tell me they weren’t interested in the PPP, because the government had never helped them in the past.  I agree, the government has never helped me either.  You are going to have to help yourself.  Let’s just get going.



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