Accidents can happen at any time.  Yesterday as Lee and I were headed home for lunch, we were stopped at a stop light waiting to turn right. Lee crept out into the intersection when suddenly we were hit from behind. There was not much damage to the car, but I was worried about the passenger who was with us, our new employee. Was she hurt? Would she sue?

We called the police and the officer arrived very quickly. The man who hit us was a Mexican national. He was uninsured and had no driver’s license. He spoke little English. They have just passed a law in our state that calls for the immediate deportation of aliens. This law has caused all of the Spanish communities to quit working with the police in fear. The police need cooperation so as a result, the police are refusing to deal with anything that goes wrong with aliens. We were out of luck.  Our accident though not our fault will not be covered by the illegal aliens insurance.  Our insurance will have to pay for our car to be fixed.

Fortunately we did not suffer much damage, but if you have a bad accident with an uninsured driver are you prepared?

By Kristy Phillips

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