What is an LLC Entity Classification?

I don’t understand what an LLC entity classification is and how to get it? NS When you file an LLC you can choose to elect how your new business will be classified for tax purposes.  If your LLC has two or more members you can choose to be classified as either a corporation or a […]

Join Me at My Boot Camp — Get $250 Off

We want to reward our FaceBook friends; here’s what we’ve got going on: We have a boot camp going on in Salt Lake City, UT from June 20th to 21st and we would love to have you come! So here’s what we’ll do. First, go to our FaceBook page and cl…

How to Pick a Company Name

Setting up a business is always a hassle.  One of the biggest issues is what to call your business.  Often the name means the difference between success and failure. 1-800-CONTACTS started as a college senior project for a business school student.  He got the right 800 number and then he named the company the same […]