By Kristy Phillips

It looks like Carnival the cruise line will take a $90 million hit. Their cruise ship, the Costa Concordia capsized off the west coast of Grosseto, Italy on Friday January 13. This unlucky event not only stranded almost 4,200 people; more than a dozen lost their lives. NBC News reported that Captain Francesco Schettino steered the ship too close to shore thereby hitting some rocks. As the massive ship lay on its side rescuers are trying to find additional bodies.

The sad thing about the Costa Concordia tragedy is that the terrific cost of life and property could have been avoided. You may be shaking your head in disbelief, but while you are wondering how the captain could be so careless, ask yourself this: “Have I put my personal affairs in order?” “Do I have the vital four estate planning documents that would prevent my financial life from grinding against the rocky shoals of disaster?” If something happens to you tomorrow could your family take care of your personal affairs? Or would they have to go to court to get permission? Navigating the legal waters of a medical disaster is not only time consuming and expensive for your family. It is very difficult. It can be made easier if you have put your documents in place. Take a minute to put your financial ship on a safe course.

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