Last Saturday, Lee and I flew from Florida to Utah.  We were stunned to see the area that had flooded near the Mississippi.  As we flew over we could see that a large area was still riddled with standing water.  Trees and homes poked out of the water.  It was difficult to imagine how the people who lived in these areas could resume their lives.  As we expressed our dismay we looked at the GPS and noticed we were flying over Joplin, Missouri, little did we know that within 24 hours this town would be blown off the map.

It seems like every week this spring there has been a new disaster. As an attorney, I view disasters through a slightly different context.  Of course like everyone who sees the pictures of the ruin, I feel sorrow for the people and their losses.  I also find myself wondering how people can best prepare to reclaim their lives after such an event.  One good way to prepare for a disaster is to have a way to easily reclaim your personal documents.  It is amazing how often you need a birth certificate or other personal records. It may be a good idea to store an extra set away from your home.   That way after a disaster, when you are required to show personal documents, you will have them.  Also it is a good idea to back up both your personal and business computers off sight along with other records.  This simple action could be a miracle in a disaster.  Can you imagine trying to re-start your business with no records?  Having everything stored off sight and available would be a real advantage.  The time to take action is now before there is a problem.

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