Estate planning awareness is a must for Attorneys.  We can’t even imagine that folks aren’t aware of this important concept.  However is becoming obvious that many folks don’t worry about or take care of their estate planning.

Did you know that the third week in October is National Estate Planning Awareness Week? It is a good idea because:

  • 70% of Americans do not have a basic will – those that have a will fail to keep it updated.
  • 79% do not have a living trust
  • 69% do not have a living will or advance healthcare directive

As an attorney and national speaker, I have asked folks what causes this problem.  Why don’t people take care of their estate planning. Many of them say lack of knowledge or cost.   I have developed a home study course called The Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth  This program was carefully designed in an easy to use and understand format to help solve these problems.

How is your estate planning awareness IQ? Have you completed your estate plan? Is up to date? Why not celebrate National Estate Planning Awareness Week and get it done.  Do it  yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

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