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Getting the Maximum Money Out of Your Company

How you get money out of your company can make a huge difference. I meet people at the events I speak at, and they often proudly tell me that they already have an LLC set up.  I ask them what they do, and then I ask them

Insurance as Your First Line of Defense

Believe it or not, insurance is one of your best asset protection tools. Many people want huge expensive legal structures so that they have a “bullet proof shield” to protect their assets.  Lawyers are more than happy to take their money.  Many lawyers have ongoing costs associated

Series LLCs

Series LLCs haven’t been around, relatively speaking, very long. The series LLC is a creation of state law. Only about a dozen states have series LLC laws today. More states are passing series LLC legislation all the time, but most states don’t currently have series LLCs laws.

LLC vs Land Trusts

Battle of the Real Estate Gurus: LLC vs Land Trust The land trust is being billed as an asset protection tool by a number of the real estate gurus. Is it really an asset protection tool? Is an LLC a better asset protection tool? Why use an

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We wish everyone in America had the means to obtain the knowledge that Attorney Lee Phillips is attempting to impart in the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth course. We are thankful that there is a legal system that is designed to protect people’s assets, no matter how little or how much.
~ Ed, Dallas Texas