By Kristy Phillips

This is the Phillips family “off year” for Thanksgiving; our family is going to be spread across the country at the in-laws. Our oldest son is spending the day with us. I love Thanksgiving because I have so much to be grateful for. My family tops the list. I have three great kids. Ten years ago as I saw my children growing up and leaving the home I wished that I could freeze time. Well it didn’t happen, but honestly I can’t imagine life without our two cute daughter-in-laws, our son-in-law and our six wonderful grandchildren.

I have heard other grandparents muse that they wish they could have skipped the kids and gone right to the grand kids. Grandkids really are that much fun. There is a certain déjà vu about seeing your grandkids do something their parent did that is indescribable. I am around the grandkids enough to hear so many cute things they say and do. My heart melts. I don’t suppose my feelings are much different than most of yours. The peace of mind that comes from taking care of your estate and planning for emergencies so you can protect your family is one of the biggest reasons I can think of to get your will and trust in place. If you haven’t taken steps to put your affairs in order set a goal to get it done so you can enjoy the holidays.

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