Meet Lee R. Phillips

Good News!

You have an attorney – a Counselor to the United States Supreme Court – on your side.

Frankly, this legal stuff “ain’t rocket science.”

If an attorney would just break it down into plain English for you, you’re probably plenty smart enough to use the law to get a bunch more spendable money and protect your ###-ets.

To cut through the legal mumbo jumbo, Lee R. Phillips has created the ACCUMULATION AND PRESERVATION OF WEALTH SYSTEM 28 years ago, and he has been continually refining it ever since.

Lee R. Phillips has also learned the importance of protecting your wealth. As part of  Lee R Phillips Asset Protection, he has created tons of other tools to help you use the law to make money and protect assets. … you see …

It doesn’t matter what you do, the law touches every aspect of your life.

Obviously, your asset protection plan, tax plan, and estate plan has to include not only your “personal life” but your “business life” as well. Most people put their personal planning and their business planning into two separate boxes.  No! It’s all one box, and you need to integrate everything to make it all work.

For example, a little business can grow your IRA HUGE! In the ground breaking case where the IRS recognized a business had the ability to put money into an IRA, the IRA grew by $200,000 a year for many years. This case shows how your business and personal plans need to be integrated. My team of attorneys and accountants design legal structures for high net worth clients. These same structures are exposed in the course materials you get with Lee R. Phillips.

Lee R. Phillips hasn’t always had a team of lawyers and accountants to work with. When he started to practice law, he had to practice by himself. Through no fault of his own,  he became unemployable due to an illness that struck just after he graduated from law school. Even though he had an impeccable academic record, nobody would take the chance of hiring him when the medical profession would only give him a year to live.

Yes, that was 34 years ago.  Lee R. Phillips beat the odds and learned the secrets of  Lee R. Phillips Asset Protection. Plus, in the past 28 years he has had over 50,000 people use his  Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth system, so they could put their own asset protection and money making structures in place. Protecting Your Financial Future is your introduction to the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System. Start there!

As Lee R. Phillips say “You see, I have been very blessed. But, I remember how the form books and other lawyers hid the ball, so nobody could understand what was going on.

Don’t Let Your Lawyer Set You UP!

Lawyers can’t afford to have you understand what is going on, because you will see how easy it all really is. If it’s easy, why pay them the big bucks? Why not just do it yourself? I am dedicated to helping you educate yourself so you can get what you work so hard for, rather than giving it to the IRS or any one of the other dozen people that are drooling over your hard earned dollar.

You may not want to “do it yourself.” That’s ok. If you do, I will help. If you don’t, you need to have enough knowledge so that you don’t just blindly walk into your lawyer and say, “Hi, here I am set me up.” If that’s what you do you will get what you ask for, you’ll be set up. Lots of people, Mom and Pop, the small business person, the widow, the divorcee, and people in all walks of life get screwed worse by their lawyer that anyone else.

I’ve got to educate you on the issues so you can make your own decisions and direct your legal life rather than just being swept along into the disposal of the legal system.

We’re going to give you options your advisors have never even considered. Your broker and insurance guy are interested in getting commissions off of your accounts. They aren’t really interested in taxes and asset protection.

Use the Law to Make Money and Stop the IRS from Stealing Your Hard-Earned Money

You don’t control the IRS by using tax loopholes. Oh, sure the loopholes can save you some money, but to make money in this environment, you have to control taxes by using legal tools designed to really make a difference. When your attorney sets you up with an LLC or a corporation, he writes the document to give you the “corporate shield”.

Obviously, you want him to do that, but you could also be getting a tax shield, not only an asset protection shield. I will teach you how to design your corporate or LLC setup to get the maximum asset protection and more money.

By the way, over 90% of the corporations out there don’t give their owners (the small business man or woman) the asset protection they were promised. Just having a legal document, whether it is a corporation, LLC, FLP, trust or any other type of structure isn’t enough.

Lots of people go down and pay the $2,000, $5,000, or $10,000 for their stack of legal papers, but they never get the asset protection when somebody comes after them. They never get the tax advantages they could be getting. I’ve seen tons of people eaten alive by the lawyers or IRS, when they thought their corporation was going to protect them.

Use Lee R. Phillips’ Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth System to Protect Your Assets

I approach asset protection, taxes and the whole legal, accounting and business world from a unique perspective. There isn’t anything we will talk about or that I will teach you that I haven’t been through myself.

I understand when you are sued, you lose your business, your business makes a ton of money, somebody in the family dies, and the breadwinner in the family gets sick and can’t work. Yes, I’ve been there, and because I have been there, I can lead you out and around the problems a lot better than a lawyer who has never been there.

We are THE place where Mom and Pop, entrepreneurs, professionals, small businessmen and women, and everyone can get their legal knowledge. My gift in life is to be able to take complex issues and explain them so that you can understand them.

When you know the law, you’ll see fast and dramatic growth, greater control, independence and security all come together in your financial life! Lee can help turn your personal financial, business, and retirement life around, or make it a lot better if you are headed in the right direction already.  With time-tested strategies you can immunize and insulate yourself from recession, retirement woes, lawsuits, exorbitant taxes, probate and even divorce.

Also learn how to…

  • Dramatically increase your income
  • Decrease your stress and make you the master of your legal life
  • Stop being a slave to the lawyers and those who are trying to manipulate you using the law.

This is THE place where truly smart, progressive, aggressive individuals who have a sincere desire to get rich and richer (with no apologies for doing so), and an optimistic, forward-looking attitude gather to exchange and share timely information and “what’s working today” legal and tax strategies and examples.

My commitment to you is to give you the straight scoop with the positives and the negatives, because I’m not in this to do your legal work. I encourage you to do it yourself or get a local attorney to help.

You’ll be amazed when you use the products you get here. You’ll soon find out that you know more than the attorneys you are dealing with. At that point, it’s time to get a new lawyer. But, you’ll be in control. You’ll have more money. You’ll be a lot more secure.

Join the Lee R. Phillips Asset Protection family, and let’s make a difference in your life. Get started NOW using my systems.

Yours for More Wealth, More Often
Lee R. Phillips

  1. I would like to know more about your trust agreements.
    The attorney is telling me I cannot change the original trust beneficiaries we made16 years ago. He is now deceased and the trust is mine. Why can’t I change the beneficiaries if I want to ?

    • Wanda,
      If it is an irrevocable trust, you may not be able to change the beneficiaries.  If it is a revocable trust and you are the guy who set up the trust, you can certainly change the beneficiaries. 

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