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1031 Property Exchange


1031 Property Exchange


Sell your real estate and get another piece of real estate without paying any tax. That’s an old trick with 1031 exchanges. Did you know you could sell your real estate, not pay the tax, and not end up with another piece of real estate? Our clients that got out of real estate without paying the tax are sure happy today. Get a new look at 1031 Exchanges.




There are tons of ways you can use law IRS Code Section 1031. You can buy your new piece of property first, then sell your old property. You can exchange bulls for bulls (not for cows, because they’re not “like kind”). 1031 has been the sweetheart trick of real estate investors for decades. They can sell one property and get another one without paying the tax.

I recently handled a case where a rancher wanted to trade his $3 million ranch for a $1 million dollar ranch. The way it was structured, he was going to get his $1 million dollar ranch and about $250,000 in cash. There was debt to pay off, and a bunch of other factors that had to be considered. I restructured the deal. He got his $1 million ranch, some cash and almost $1.8 million in other cash generating non real estate assets. He had what he wanted and had a healthy cash income every year for the rest of his life. Which deal would you want? Oh, and the substantial tax that would have been paid under the first structure the “1031 people” had gotten him into, well, there wasn’t any tax to pay when it was restructured. If you are considering selling a property, whether you want another property or you want out of the real estate ownership headache, you would do well (maybe an extra million dollars well) to get my 1031 Exchange digital tutorial.

Your deals are worth a lot of money. The taxes could be substantial. If you are selling a piece of real estate and you don’t want to pay the tax today, you need to learn what ALL of your options are. Order today!


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