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How to Evaluate a Life Insurance Policy


How to Evaluate a Life Insurance Policy


How to Evaluate a Life Insurance Policy shows you the ins and outs of life insurance.



How to Evaluate a Life Insurance Policy, shows you the ins and outs of life insurance. Life insurance is actually the sweetheart of the IRS code. Yes, it a critical part of your financial structure, but you had better know what you are doing. The problem is almost everyone gets taken to the cleaners by the insurance agent, and then the insurance company itself finishes the job by wringing out your last dime.

Did you know that you could be getting twice the insurance for the same dollar, using the same policy? Are you “investing” using insurance policies? Investing using a life insurance policy could actually be a really great deal, because of the tax advantages! Did you know that if your insurance agent does a good job for you, he doesn’t make hardly any money? Whose interest do you think he really has in mind? My CD, How to Evaluate a Life Insurance Policy, gives you an unbiased lawyer’s analysis of life insurance.

  • How to buy it.
  • What to look for, so you don’t get taken.
  • How to make a life insurance policy mimic a Roth IRA.
  • How NOT to lose your shirt trying to do it.
  • And importantly, which insurance companies are going to survive these economic tough times?

This is all the important stuff your agent can’t tell you or won’t tell you so you’d better find out for yourself.

Before giving more money to life insurance companies, wouldn’t it be worth spending a few minutes with me and letting me teach you about the ins and outs, hidden traps, and cash cows of the insurance industry? Whether you are just buying your first term policy, or you are deep into using life insurance as a “non qualified retirement plan,” you need to know what your agent isn’t telling you. Order the How to Evaluate a Life Insurance Policy CD now! It’s only $19.95, and it may save you a ton of money.

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