Proper Preparation Lessens Stress

Proper preparation is important is all aspects of life.  Last Friday when Lee and I came to work the secretary told us she had bad news for us. She had tried to print our newsletter and the printer would only print the graphics, no text. She called the printer expert who dutifully came and told her that there was nothing wrong with the printer, but it was probably the network. He suggested that she turn off the server and start it again so it could reset. Instead of resetting the printer, it took the whole network down.Lee immediately called our son who is a computer expert. He was just boarding a plane to LA for a computer conference. He was sorry he could not help us, until the next Tuesday. All work at the office came to a halt. We had deadlines to meet. It wasn’t a happy place.

We remembered Jeremy. He was a college student who we came to know two years ago. We called him up and he had us up and running by Monday. He told us that even though our motherboard was fried, because we had the right equipment and backups it was an easy task. This whole experience made me think again how important the proper preparation is. The preparation needs to be made with consultation or direction from an expert. We had duplicate systems running in the office because an expert set us up and we took his advice and ran weekly backups.

Proper Preparation is Important

Almost every week we get calls from our students. They are in some sort of legal trouble and they have neglected proper preparation. The reality is that when the time to perform has come the time to prepare is past. A disaster would be twice as hard to bear if you had the knowledge and you had just chosen not to take care of things. Lee is offering a boot camp in Salt Lake City, Utah, to help select students make sure their legal structure is in place and they are prepared for whatever happens. In this uncertain economy it just makes sense to be prepared. (PS. There are a few openings at the Boot Camp, and Salt Lake City is beautiful in the fall. Call our office for details at 1-800-806-1998.)

By Kristy Phillips

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