Mothers Day has a way of sneaking up on everyone. I have a great mom and I always want to honor her with the best. Flowers and candy seem like default gifts and don’t really let her know how I feel.

This year I have an idea for everyone who is like me. They hate to hear,  “Are you ready for Mothers Day?” because they can’t think of gift.  This year give mom the gift of peace of mind. Help her get her legal affairs in order. Women love things to be organized. They love security. This is the best gift you can give mom.

Over the past twenty years, I have taught people all over the nation about estate planning, and I can tell you that it is always the women who are first to ask for my help. It is how they are wired. Whether she will admit it or not your mom would love to know that her affairs are taken care of. Now you can do that for her. You can be at rest when someone asks, “Are you ready for Mother’ Day?”

You can give mom  the ability to take care of her estate planning. My book Protecting Your Financial Future is designed to take the novice step by step through everything that must be done to make certain their estate planning is in order. With this they are able to take charge of their affairs and get it done.

This year you can give your mom something she will thank you for for a long time. It is the unique gift of peace of mind. Happy Mother’s day!

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