Tax identity theft is a troubling topic.  Everyone has a social security number and it was meant to be used for our dealings with the government.  To track our taxes, unfortunately it has been used in other places and has become public. This means other folks can use your number and steal your identity.

When it’s tax time (so much fun), lots of folks are filing on the internet.  There’s no question the net is the way to communicate.  HOWEVER, you need to know that the IRS is not going to communicate with you about your return or refunds over the internet. If you get something you can be certain, it is taxes identity theft related.

According to Terry Lemons, IRS spokesman, the IRS isn’t going to notify you about your returns or refunds using email.  If you get an email from the IRS about your refund, NO MATTER HOW OFFICIAL IT LOOKS, it is not real.  Don’t open it or give any information.  It is just an attempt by ID thieves to phish for your personal information or slide a spy into your computer.  BEWARE!!

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