2021 Specials

25% off

Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth $2499 $1874

Complete course with proven strategies on effective tax planning, estate planning and asset protection for your business and personal affairs. Over 16 hours of audio instruction take you through the included editable legal documents for all your estate planning and business planning needs.

50% off

Tax Summit $799 $499

4 hour live training event with Lee Phillips and Ben Rucker December 3, 2021, FREE TAX REVIEW BONUS

Virtual Boot Camp $1499 $749

2 day live training event with Lee Phillips and Ben Rucker January 22-23, 2021, 200+ page course manual, personal one-on-one consultation time with Attorney and Tax Experts

LLC Wizard $1999 $999

The LLC Wizard delivers Double the Asset Protection and a lot more spendable cash out of your LLC. It will let you set up, operate and get the benefits out of your own unique LLC in 6 easy steps. It works in any state and can easily be done from home using simple and powerful legal and tax strategies your attorney and CPA have probably never mentioned.

Advanced Tax Tactics $799 $399 

Advanced Tax Tactics features two of the best tutors in the area of taxes and asset protection who bring the tax laws down to earth so you get the practical instruction on how to use them. Not only do you get more money, you cut your audit risk substantially.