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Boot Camp


Boot Camp

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VIA ZOOM Thursday and Friday, May 9 and 10, 2024

2 day training event, 200+ page course manual, Personal Consultation Time with Attorneys and Tax Experts


This two-day live training event will give you valuable information regarding asset protection and how to make a ton more money. The course is exclusive for only a limited number of registrants and their guests. It includes a 200+ page course manual, breakfast and lunch each day (unless you are doing the online option–then your food is on your own), AND personal consultation time with the presenters, US Supreme Court Counselor Lee Phillips and Tax Expert Ben Rucker, who has over 7 years experience as an IRS special auditor and a Masters in Tax Planning. Look what they will show you:

  • How to use the new tax laws to your benefit
  • How to use your business to make more money
  • How to protect a “good” property from a property that is upside down and sinking
  • How to create and use your operating agreement in an LLC to provide more asset protection shielding
  • How to see the Big Picture of Asset Protection, Tax Planning, Business Structuring, Plus Estate Planning, and how they fit together
  • How to avoid what the IRS is Gunning for When You Buy Real Estate in Your IRA
  • How to maintain the asset protection shield for your corporation or LLC, so it doesn’t get pierced
  • How to significantly minimize your audit risk with the IRS
  • How to cash in on the new Trump tax loopholes
  • How to build your own asset protection shield to protect your real estate and your business from you
  • How to keep from being screwed by life insurance companies. Life Insurance is a big tax tool and necessary part of most people’s lives, BUT you don’t need to be BURNED. (Don’t worry, you won’t get sold life insurance. It’s just a tool we study so you can use it to your advantage.)
  • How to protect your investments in an uncertain economy
  • How to run a Professional Practice/Business and while getting the maximum asset protection
  • How to double the ASSET PROTECTION and use laws your attorney never told you about

That’s what Lee’s students said they wanted, and that’s exactly what Lee and his team will give you at the Money Making and Asset Protection Boot Camp!! The bottom line is this, we had more positive feedback from our last Money Making and Asset Protection Boot Camp attendees than ANY event we’ve EVER done, and now, we’ve honed it, refined it for the new laws and made it into the BEST BOOT CAMP YOU’LL EVER ATTEND.

When in Salt Lake City, the event is held at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown Salt Lake City, only minutes away from the airport and from multiple world class ski resorts, open year round for skiing in winter and hiking, mountain biking, and more activities in other seasons. Registrants for the online version will attend from wherever they are.

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September 23-24, Future Date (in person), SLC Feb 17-18, 2020, FL March 23-24, 2020, SLC June 12-13, 2020, Online October 19-20, 2020, Virtual January 22-23, Virtual April 23-24, 2021, Virtual September 10-11, 2021, Virtual January 14-15, 2022

9 reviews for Boot Camp

  1. Lee Phillips

    Sven Svenson (Google Reviews 5 stars)
    I cannot give a higher or more enthusiastic recommendation for legal advice than Legalees!

    Lee Phillips breaks down complex legal issues into succinct, logical explanations in entertaining layman’s terms. He not only tells you what to do but how and why to do it. There is no ‘legalese’ from Legalees. If every lawyer wrote as well as Lee does, we wouldn’t need so many lawyers!

    I have purchased every product Lee has created with the exception of the boot camp. When schedule permits, I will attend one as well. Last Christmas I gave every family member a copy of Protecting Your Financial Future. It’s that good and that important.

    The investment may actually be undervalued when you consider the asset protection, tax savings strategies, and peace of mind from implementing his action plans. The courses will more than pay for themselves just in what they will save you in lawyer’s fees by using his straightforward system and forms.

    I would not refer family and friends if I did not believe in the products and education.

  2. Lee Phillips

    Dianne Call (Google Reviews 5 stars)
    My husband and I attended the Asset Protection Boot Camp offered by LegaLees. We were given a lot of good advice and instructions on how to set up our personal and business finances and accounts as well as tricks and tips to run our business more efficiently and to structure our book keeping and expenditures in order to use the IRS codes to the best advantage legally. I would highly recommend this boot camp to everyone, even if you don’t own a business. The things you learn and the money you save on your personal finances will be worth the class. Just Do it!

  3. Lee Phillips

    Chant Williams (Google Reviews 5 stars)
    I have been following them for years on YouTube and get the email subscription also. Love his advice and look forward to going to a Bootcamp one day. Thank you for teaching me!

  4. Lee Phillips

    Janice Taylor (Google Reviews 5 stars)
    Lee Philip’s information is direct, honest and trustworthy. He is an entertaining educator and knows what he is talking about. I would definitely recommend his information!

  5. Lee Phillips

    Bonnie Boucher-Dorrough (Google Reviews 5 stars)
    Thank you Lee for the great boot camp! We learned a lot about how to structure our company and to protect it. Lee is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor.

  6. Lee Phillips

    Mark Wright (Google Reviews 5 stars)
    I’ve worked with Lee for many years on many different projects. Even though I’m an attorney, Lee has expertise in areas that I do not and I trust him to help me through the tough issues.

  7. Lee Phillips

    Jeffrey Buller (Google Reviews 5 stars)
    I have been following Legalees Youtube videos for over a year. So much great advice you can use immediately, because the videos are pertinent to so many aspects of our financial and tax lives. Would highly recommend them. Our next step is to get to one of the Bootcamps to get even more of this information!

  8. Lee Phillips

    James Dorrough (Google Reviews 5 stars)
    Learned a ton at boot camp.

  9. Jack Alsaka

    I just finished attending The BOOT CAMP. I’ve known Lee since 1994 and have bought his systems over the years, but never been to his boot camp.

    The Boot Camp was a fascinating journey through the legal system that has been created for our benefit. Unfortunately, most of us do not know how to use it or take advantage of it. Lee certainly has the keys to the kingdom.

    The beauty of Lee’s system is his marriage of the Asset Protection with the tax consequences when various financial structures are implemented. His lucid expose and clear explanation and discussion of the structures and the tools available are most valuable.

    Frankly, these topics can be dry and unbearably boring. However, Lee manages to spice his presentation with all kinds of real world stories that are both informative and entertaining. Add to that his unbounded patience in answering all the questions that suddenly appears in ones mind.

    So, my advice to any entrepreneur is to sample all the dishes that lee has to offer. You will be both surprised, delighted and satisfied. Get his stuff, it will save you money and lots of headache.

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