Joint Tenancy Lawsuits–Sue, Sue, Sue

Joint Tenancy is when two people own a piece of property together, and each one has the right of survivorship to that property . The following information is a small subchapter from my book Protecting Your Financial Future. Something as simple as a bad business deal or

Die Intestate-Reasons It’s Not Good For Your Estate

To die intestate doesn’t mean dying in the neighboring state or dying without any assets. Dying intestate means to die without a valid will or a trust. A will is the legal instrument that tells the judge how the decedent wishes his/her property or estate to be

Set up LLC- Step by Step

It is easy to set up LLC (Limited Liability Company.) LLCs are not only easy to form, their liability protection rivals that of the corporation. LLCs are also easy to manage and give their owners great tax advantages. The important thing is to make certain make the