How Should I Structure My Company?

Wondering how to structure your company?  Which type of corporation has the best asset protection value? There are two types of corporations, C corporations and S corporations. The S corporations are usually used by the “little guys,” and the C corporations are always used by the “big

What is Probate?

Everybody thinks probate is a big bad monster that gobbles up families. Well, it isn’t really that bad, but it has been known to be a real nightmare for some families. The word probate in Old English simply means “to prove”. In American law, probate now describes

Living Wills

Living Wills are documents defining your “right to die”, or rather your “right to die with dignity.” They usually state that you do not want to have your life artificially prolonged by modern medical technologies when there is no hope of curing you. (Actually, most of the


There are dozens of different types of trusts. Trusts are one of the most flexible tools that an attorney has. They have asset protection value, income tax planning value, estate tax planning value, and asset management value. However, no one trust is a universal solution to all