A Word About Joint Tenancy – Don’t

Joint Tenancy-Don’t Do It Joint tenancy is owning something–anything–with another person who is or is not related. It could easily prove to be your worst financial nightmare. Many Americans own at least their house and a bank account in joint tenancy. The joint tenancy nightmare begins innocently when

Smart Asset Protection Strategies

Smart Asset Protection Strategies – Target Practice Anyone? Smart asset protection strategies don’t come by accident.  If you graduated with a professional degree, when they put the hood on you at your graduation ceremony, you didn’t realize they were actually hanging a big bull’s eye target on


Asset protection is something that you should be increasingly concerned about. However, attorneys and financial planners will exploit your concerns in order to justify the elaborate structures they create to “protect you.” There isn’t anything wrong with elaborate structures, but they are often an overkill. There are

Lee R. Phillips’ Advantage

Meet Lee R. Phillips Good News! You have an attorney – a Counselor to the United States Supreme Court – on your side. Frankly, this legal stuff “ain’t rocket science.” If an attorney would just break it down into plain English for you, you’re probably plenty smart