When is a Trust Valid or Legal?

Question: Do I have to file the Trust with the Secretary of State for it to be immediately protected or effective? Answer:  A living revocable trust is not recorded to make it “valid,” “legal,” or “effective” in any way.  Once the trust is properly signed, it will be effective.  Of course, its effectiveness in avoiding […]

Issuing Membership Certificates for an LLC

Membership Certificate vs. Stock By Lee R. Phillips One of the issues that seemed to be of particular interest at our boot camp the first of March was ownership of the LLC.  Ownership is represented by the “stock” held in the LLC. Of course, there isn’t any stock in an LLC.  It is a “membership […]

Elizabeth Edwards’ Will and Asset Protection?

It is on the news, in the papers and on the internet. The whole world knows that Elizabeth Edwards, who died last month after a battle with breast cancer, made no mention of estranged husband John Edwards in her will.