What is a Disregarded Entity?

If you disregard something, you ignore it. The term “disregarded entity” is used quite frequently in the IRS world and in the legal world, so you’ll need to understand both aspects of the term. An entity is a legal structure that has legal rights, including being recognized

Loan Versus Equity in a Company

Most businesses are funded by money or “sweat equity” contributed by the owners in exchange for stock (in a corporation) or membership interests (in an LLC). That’s ok, particularly for the initial funding of the company, but you need to understand that if the company goes down,

Fraudulent Conveyance

All states have some sort of fraudulent conveyance law in place. People who are in trouble often try to put assets out of the reach of their creditors or the bankruptcy courts. Fraudulent conveyance laws are designed to prevent people from doing this. Basically, these laws ensure