How Do I Protect My Assets from Lawsuits?

It is best to get your asset protection take care of well before you get sued, go bankrupt, or have some other type of trouble. Which instruments you use depends of the asset you are trying to protect. Your business should be held in an entity, your h…

Multiple Items in One Trust?

Question:  Can multiple items be placed into one trust or should a Trust be created for each item? Answer:  You can create multiple trusts.  However, usually one trust holds all of a person’s or couple’s items.  The trust owns all of your assets (those that require a signature to dispose of), so that the items […]

Taxing LLC as S Corporation

If you are doing an S corporation, the trust has to be a “special form” of living revocable trust. The trusts in the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth Course are sub S qualified trusts, because of their wording.